Manchester United are reported to have agree a £30m fee for Wesley Sneijder with Inter Milan.


An offer was made at the weekend and accepted.


United now just have to agree personal terms with the very well paid Dutchman.  He's on around £190k and doesn't want to take a pay cut but United hope they can solve the issue and have him with the squad before the start of the Premier League season.


Inter are also interested in Berbatov but would want any deal to be separate.

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I've read the same thing in the Mirror.  Any truth to this?  I'm inclined to believe it as you don't usually post something like this without making sure its accurate TCIR.  What confirmation do you have?

I don't think it was ever an issue that the fee would be agreed and The Mirror have no reason to make this up as it won't increase sales much as everyone is Sneijder weary.


The big issue is the wages and I can understand why United don't want to go that high.


If he really wants to join United then he will, if he doesn't because of 10-20% on wages (considering he'll make this back on extra commercial deals) then he can swivel. 

Im hoping it's true, would be a great signing, expensive, but would truly bring that X factor back to our play!

wont hold my breath though....

Pinch of salt. Broken by daily mail. Fingers crossed it doesnt happen
still cant see it myself.


Go on, have a good droooool!

i'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want him

yes it appears an exensive deal, but all we know about figures is purely speculation

quality wise he's head and shoulders above anyone we have in the middle of the park

It's the financial aspect that stops it for me.


If we spend all that money and it doesn't work out, which is very possible, then it's doubtful we'll have funds to sort it out.


He has struggled throughout his career with niggles and his appearance record isn't great.  He'll want five years so if we match his £190k a week through a combination of wages and spread out signing on fee then that's around £50m on wages alone.  Add that to £30m plus £5m add-ons and it's £85m easily.


Apparently it's more than any player at Old Trafford, which means Rooney is on less.  He'd then want more and may even have a clause that makes that automatic.  When you raise your wage ceiling it in turn makes more wages rise.


An alternative is Samir Nasri and he'd cost much less, he's also a lot younger so would have a sell-on value, something which is factored in whether we like it or not.  When Nasri was played centrally last year he performed just as well as Sneijder.

Plus, I get the impression he's not that fussed about moving here.  We've been trying to sign him for over a year and he doesn't seem overly bothered to me.
I think thats a case of not burning his bridges.

I understand that but not even a 'If Inter wanted to sell me then...'


He seems to be very concerned about this 190k a week.

Actually, he has come out with that one, TCIR!



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