Mario Balotelli has been done up like a kipper by his Manchester City team-mates after they left rotting fish in the back of his car while the team went off on a pre-season tour.


The controversial Italian striker has wound up just about everyone in Manchester with his antics ever since arriving at the club last summer, which have included throwing darts at youth team players (because he was "bored"), racking up £10,000 of parking fines, inciting manager Roberto Mancini to throw a suitcase at him, and winding up Yaya Toure on the training ground


But The Sun reports that his fellow City stars got their own back by putting a sports bag full of kippers behind his car's passenger seat just before they all headed off to the US for a two-week training tour.


The 20-year-old returned to his car after returning to England - and was almost knocked out by the overpowering stench when he opened the door of his £150,000 Maserati.

"Mario had his head in his hands," the paper's source said. "The smell nearly made him sick. It was revolting.


"There were flies in the car and the leather seats in the back had rotting fish all over them."

The fishy reek is apparently so bad that the car is expected to be a write-off - not that the superstar will struggle to buy a replacement on his £100,000-a-week wages.


The prank could yet backfire on Balotelli's team-mates, however: the Italian is apparently determined to get his own back.


"He has absolutely no idea who is responsible as he has wound up so many of his team-mates over the past year," the Sun's source continued.




Apparently he's plotting his revenge.  Watch this space.


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Welcome back on SW UTID!!!
Err thanks.  I think.

I feel a little sorry for Mario.  Yes, he's a bit of a nut but Mancini knew that before he bought him.


Why buy him and then not support him?  If you can't stand him, as seems apparent, then don't buy him.


The whole incident where he was dragged off the pitch for attempting a trick was ridiculous.  Anyone would have thought he believed he was playing in a friendly!


Now there seem to be reports everyday about his team hating him.  He's 20, not very mature, and away from home.


The reports of him slagging off Manchester are not strictly true, bit exaggerated. You expect the press to do that but you also expect the club to stick up for him.


Many players have said Ferguson was like a father figure to them.  I do wonder if some of our talents down the years had been hung out to dry like Mario whether they'd have fulfilled their talent.

Ferguson would not have done what Mancini did.  Balotelli clearly thought he was offside for a start, that is glaringly obvious to anyone not in 'lynch-him' mode when they look at the video.



I always thought BibOtelli acted like a complete kipper so its good to see his "team mates" think so too!
Yes, you do, loads of players do what he did.  Hear they are offside and then flick the ball up or the like.  It's ok saying 'if it wasn't a friendly' but IT WAS a friendly.
I guess a lot would depend on whether Balotelli would wish to press charges. I think he'll look for retribution through other means.
He throws darts at youth players, so some of the squad get back at him. Nothing to feel sorry for, you give banter, you get it back. Welcome to the wonderful world of dressing room banter Mario.
Someone put a tree in my car once. Well, it might have been a shrub I horticulture is a but rusty. Still weird though...wasn't expecting to see that when I left the pub (sober).

We covered someone's car in post-it notes once.  Totally covered it.


We used to move the car sometimes, just a couple of spaces, my friend would leave the keys on her desk and we'd just move it to see if she noticed.  I think we sent her mad.

Lol, how long did it take to cover the car in post-its?
I look forward to what Balotelli has in store for his team mates. I'm sure he'll take the banter up another level.



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