Spanish football official lashes out at Arsenal and English over Alex Song

Arsenal are approaching negotiations regarding Alex Song in an unacceptable manner, it just won't do. They should be selling him to Barcelona for what the Catalans perceive his value to be, rather than for what they want. Do they think this is some kind of business transaction?

Those are roughly the views of Joan Gaspart, once the president of Barcelona and now vice-president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, Spain's FA. The transfer of Alex Song may have nothing to do with Gaspart but that hasn't stopped him from getting involved and in a radio interview, quoted by Sport, he's lashed out at Arsenal and the way English clubs negotiate.

"The English are exhausting. The best way to deal with them is fixed [price], as does the club [Barca], give them a number and do not move from there. If they see that you have not gone up from a week ago, they begin to talk seriously. When they see you go up, they are insatiable."

He also said that 'the English are buyers and sellers, this is a business for them' which is obviously unreasonable behaviour from Arsenal, trying to get the best price for an asset they hold is so crass. In football surely it's better to just lose money.

The difference between Barcelona and many English clubs is that in the Premier League most clubs have to face financial reality and can't simply take huge loans from banks, who are happy to lend to help their image, and not bother about paying them back. 

It's not just England, in Spain the smaller teams don't get such favourable financial conditions, but one advantage La Liga does have is the seemingly voluntary nature with which many clubs approach paying taxes. Huge debts are often built up and then an agreement made with the authorities to pay back much less, something which has annoyed football officials in Germany given the economic situation of the two countries. 

Burt then again, football clubs shouldn't have to worry about such realities and Arsenal should just let Song go for whatever Barcelona decide he's worth, that's what Joan Gaspart clearly thinks.


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