Spanish press say Tottenham is likeliest Higuain destination

The Daily Star said last night that Real Madrid were lining up a proposal for Tottenham Hotspur which would see Luka Modric returning to the Premier League club. The deal sounded financially good for Spurs, with £30m being added to the Croatian but it just didn't sound wholly realistic.

Even if Tottenham wanted Modric back, and after last summer they may not, it's still hard to imagine that he'd be happy to return with his tail between his legs. Modric hasn't had a good season in Spain and has been roundly declared a flop but he'll be determined to prove that wrong and certainly wouldn't want to go back to Spurs as something of a failure.

In Spain there's another Tottenham story brewing. Today's copy of Sport newspaper has a feature on Gonzalo Higuain in which they claim he wants to go to London this summer. His long term girlfriend has a new job with the BBC which is in the city and is expecting the couple's first child, Sport say they have decided to set up home in the English capital and that he wants to find a team there this summer. They go as far as to claim he's been looking at property and visited the city two weeks ago. It sounds like it has more to it than most transfer rumours, given the job and relationship connection.

They discount Chelsea because everyone in Spain assumes the Falcao deal to be already done, and they say that Arsenal wouldn't pay the transfer fee, but they reckon that a deal could be sorted out with Daniel Levy and inevitably name Gareth Bale. If Spurs are to lose the Welshman then getting Higuain as part of the deal doesn't sound such a bad idea. The club need a top class striker and Higuain has shown he can justify that tag, but has suffered with the rotation at Real Madrid. Despite seeming like he's been around forever, he's still only 25 and so has much of his career ahead of him.

This sounds like an interesting rumour with some decent foundations, certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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It's total BS because only an imbecile still thinks that Bale is going to be going anywhere this summer. A straight cash deal if all the job/girlfriend/baby/house info is correct but only if the wages are realistic.



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