This has just been released. United has apparently signed a sponsorship deal for TRAINING KITS. Yes, training kits. At the cost of 40 million pounds for 4 yrs, it is half the price of the AON Deal. It is apparently the first deal of its kind. so.... glazers find a new way to squeeze out revenue for their debts. thoughts?

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Excellent business, yet another example of some of the excellent commercial work that the club has done in recent years.
Not sure if I like this seemingly excessive commercialism but I guess it will make us money.

I think the article puts a slightly (and unnecessarily) negative spin on a good bit of business. The debt will not be there forever...what the Glazers have done is introduced yet another new revenue stream for the club that does not require more money from the fans. Can only be a good thing surely? It will help to pay off the debt in the short term and make us stronger and more competitive in the long term. Happy days.


Can't believe anyone is stupid enough to pay that much to sponsor a training kit but, hey, that's not our problem!

Amazing news and I truly believe the Glazers are fantastic owners. The real enemies are the MUST organisation who seek to unsettle Utd for Drasdo's gain. I say stick and support the Glazers like Ferguson does. The Glazers have once again boosted our commercial streams by £10m a year for the next 4 years. They are also going to pay some of the debt of with the IPO. There will also be a new nike deal and I truly believe the debt will be paid off in good time. Utd have a bright future on the field and off the field. Patience is virtuous and we just need to be patient with the Glazer's long term plans.
Makes my day everytime I see Im on the other side of the argument from nolhman.
You are also against Ferguson in this agenda. Make of that what you will...

Not negative.... just getting it out of the way because it is going to be said (and well its also true). However the glazers come up to pay their debt is ok provided the quality of our game is not affected or ticket prices.


just really shocked.... training kits. only serious fans actually want to see united training.

wondrous news

only a good thing, anyone know who is sponsoring us?


I bet everyone will follow suit and copy us. No doubt man city will find a sponser who is willing to pay 50 million a year to sponsor their training kit.


or maybe glazers are getting in before the FFP rules

DHL is our sponsors.
The Glazers are great at these commercial deals. Would a fan ownership be as successful and would they have boosted our revenue streams like the Glazers have? Would they allow Ferguson to run the club how he wishes? NO. The Glazers will clear most of the debt with the IPO anyway. They will also once again boost our revenue streams big time. If MUST or the Red Knights had any sort of control of Utd, I would be worried for our future, even if we were debt free. I am happy the Glazers have finally got a grip on things. Compare our financial situation in 2006 and compare it now! There has been a massive improvement in the situation.
DHL. I hope they deliver.



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