how do we feel this place compares to the other spawns of 606?


i have been on to some others and i feel that the set up on this site i smuch easier to use than others i have seen,


However there does not seem to be many members on here yet. Is this just because 606 is yet to close or are most people signing up to the other sites?


i would love for this community to grow to the scale of 606 but without the idiotic WUMS.


So lets get to know eachother a little...


I am Bluethruandthru, 25 (well nearly) and have been a chelsea fan since a boy. i Live in Coulsdn but was born in Tooting SW london.

think i started supporting the blues because i watched the 2 F.A cup finals against leeds at my nan's every time i stayed with her.

My First game was Sunderland at home and we won 6-2! loved it!


I am a bit childish when it comes to Football in the sense that i tend to get stroppy when we dont perform well, refuse to look at any news until the next game. So you can imagine that during the 90's i spent quite a few seasons stroppy! lol


so where do you guys come from and what's your story?

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