To Football Witness.


Yes or No?


Voting will be closed on May 1st 2011. I will manually count the votes.

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I can get you a virtual punchbag should you need it Jimmy.

Oh, wait, that would mean mentioning boxing and we'd never do that. A kick bag?

you make a complelling argument........


....erm, oh, no, i see you haven't.


so until such time as you pull your finger out of your derrier, and come up with something better.


I'll vote for No. (and just incase you have some sort of AV system, its a No all the way through.)

Don't know why you created a forum about 'sport', when you only know football :|.


Odd. Me, i know sport. I know boxing, i know cricket, i know rugby, i know motorsport.


You should really slash the links and concentrate on the football otherwise your forum will look like it is half used and half empty with the majority of threads in a minority of areas.


Me, i know forums. Many people seem to only use 606. I'm on like 10 forums. You should take in my wise words, i have great experience.

Jimmy, don't take this as an insult, but I'll pass.



Jimmy, you can take this as an insult.  You're a muppet.


This seems like a great little site evolving to the needs of its users.

As it grows then the subjects under discusion with broaden.

As you know forums then get what you want from this one and get whatever else from wherever else!

no worries

Me, me, me, ffs mate. Literal much?

I'm hardly wrong am i? I don't see a plethora of articles or members commenting in other sports LOL.


Ah well. Enjoy your football forum, this pond is too small for me.

Jimmy, sometimes you can really behave like a kid throwing a tantrum.


You made boxing articles, we front paged them.  You made Formula One articles, we front paged them.


You just seem to like having a strop every now and again.  You were cheesed off that 606 had put you in Gulag, you complained on here about that. Then it all just becomes toys out of prams.


If you're the oracle on all sports and forums then I suggest you start your own where you can chuck toys and type in capitals to your hearts content.


Thank you.

Ignore him TCIR <thumb-up>


Out of curiosity though, is SW your site or is there a team of you...?  Or is it a Daily Mirror project...?

We have a website/internet company so various people have done stuff but it's mainly my baby.


It would be cunning if it was an undercover Mirror project, but it's not.



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