3-0, can't ask for more then that.


Firstly the man everyone's already asking questions about, De Gea. Kept a clean sheet, and frankly I don't think anyone could have expected more from him than what he showed today. It wasn't a textbook performance by any means, there were a couple of fumbles and a knock at the end which effected him far more than it should have, however he made some decent stops, looked reasonably comfortable, and above all I think his distribution may even be an improvement on VDS's, discounting the little trick he pulled I've rarely seen such consistently good balls from the keeper to the full back in good positions. All he needs in my eyes, is to hit the gym. He's not nearly bulky enough to play against the more physical teams yet, otherwise I'm pleased with him.


In defence, I was shocked at the amount of worry being felt with Ferdinand and Vidic's injury's, we've got 3 stunning young CB's all able to not only deputise, but push for a starting spot ahead of either of them. Vidic is still a world class CB, but the way Evans and Jones cooly stepped in front of their men to knick the ball gave a real case for them to start more often. Thats something Vidic doesn't do so much of, and their were times today where I genuinely thought that even if Vidic had been fit, he shouldn't have started ahead of Evans. He was back to his old self, and the better for it. Smalling at RB has been decent, although I prefer him as a CB. My only worry was Evra, who several times needed Evans to bail him out at the back, while consistently wasting good positions in attack. Considering Fabio's good form, our frenchman needs to step his game up, cos right now he's not looking half the player he can be.


Midfield is sorted. Cleverley has shades of Giggs about his movement, and the cross for the first goal was simple perfection. Anderson is finally looking the midfielder we all know he can be. Providing he stays injury free, I strongly believe he will become a pivotal player in our next era. Giggs looked sharp of the bench, and Nani and Young look made for each other. Its looking exciting.


I'm not sure why I've put Rooney as an attacker here, cos quite frankly he was as present in defence and midfield as anyone. Stunning display from the newly hairy forward, looks like he's finally enjoying his football again and we're the lucky benefits. He's found a great partner in Welbeck on top of that. Took his first goal well, did wonderfully in creating the second and his link up play was top notch. Only criticism of him would be that he needs to work on his fitness, and there were times where he was just missing when the ball came in. Hernandez looked sharp as ever, so the fight between them two to start should be interesting. Feel so bad for Berbatov, can only hope he's part of SAF's plans later in the season.


Overall I'm excited. This was the sort of football tacticians dream of. Every player on the pitch new where they should be, and where their teammates were. It was a stunning team performance.

On the supposed challenge of City, I'm not convinced. In my mind the fact that their contemplating keeping Tevez after all he's said highlights (and maybe proves) the problem: They completely lack self-respect. With United, we know we're the best. We know that whoever leaves we will be able to cope. We know that each year, we will challenge on every front, and often, we will win. Chelsea and Liverpool have something similar, although not on the same level. Liverpool don't have the talent I believe, but Chelsea could be a threat provided Villas-Boas finds his feet. City however, must first learn that winning the title is never due to a hope, or even a belief. Its down the cold fact which fills every soul in the team, that you will win the title.

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