Very quiet on here, have we all given up?

Take a Positive, we didn't lose this weekend!!

I hope we do well tonight, not expecting anything from the game to be honest, but as Greavsie used to say.........

I expect a different line up from the Saints game. We need the new boss asap.

Sweating my nads off in Singapore, could do with some good news.


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According to the BBC, Garde will sign tomorrow. Good news, glad it's over.

Nope, haven't given up. After all, we Villa fans have plenty of practice in not giving up. I think KMac tailored his Saints line up to suit Gestede, once he'd decided to play him. This time I think Gestede won't play and we'll see something different. We played well in the first half against Leicester, and my guess is that the team won't be very different, ie more footballing skill up front. What I'd like to see is this:

Think Richards is out and if so Clark plays. If Okore is ready I'd play him rather than Lescott. Clark and Okore made a good partnership last season; they're both quick, and they cover for each other, and we need that against Spurs. Think Ayew needs to play, and Sinclair, which means maybe only one of Gil and Grealish. I'd like Veretout to be given the nod ahead of Westwood, and Sanchez to play. Something like:


Hutton Okore Clark Amavi

Gil Veretout Sanchez Sinclair

Ayew Gabby

Alternatively drop Gabby and play Grealish. Lescott could play instead of Okore and Westwood instead of Veretout; KMac has some difficult calls to make, but the above is what I'd prefer.

What I want to to see is total determination to get a good result; as KMac has said, the players have to stand up and be counted. To have a chance we have to score goals, because I can't see Spurs not scoring. Believe! UTV

After events this weekend I'm not so doom and gloom about this season. There are other teams with just as many problems as us. Norwich & Bournemouth in particular play nice football but aren't picking up any results. Newcastle & Sunderland are jekyll & hyde teams.

Keep the faith. UTV

One thing is certain if Garde is appointed we need to support him and stick by him whatever happens, including relegation.

We need some stability, the owner and team have stuffed up enough, this time it needs to be for at least three years to rebuild us.

I don't think we will go down as the are worse teams around us but hopefully Garde will change the way we play and not depend on the likes of Hutton, Lescott, Westwood and Gabby who have failed us to date.

Looking forward to a new era, onwards and UPWARDS!

Totally agree with those comment's J.D.H.S. we have been asking for the power's that be at our club to be brave and show more vision when they appoint a new manager and they look like they have if Garde is appointed today .

The main thing I want to see now is firstly a good performance against Spur's tonight with player's showing they are value for there age's and contract's with our club not just going through the motion's we have to start scoring so let's hope a couple of goal's for us are scored and with a bit of look Spur's will underestimate us and we get a point or more .

The other key factor for me is now we have a good foreign manager by the sound of thing's going to sign a 3 year deal today. We as fan's must give this manager a great deal more time than we did with Sherwood it would be nice to be challenging for Europe but let's all be realistic if we survive this season in the prem then that is a good turn around to what we have now .

The appointment if it happens for me is a big step from our club towards our club getting thing's right and if we give this manager a fair chance he may well surprise us as fan's in not looking down the table to relegation each season but daring to look up in two season's time and guessing how high we may finish .

Positive's all round from a very foggy South Yorkshire today only one negative got to get back to my decorating now.



Sunderland, Bournemouth, Norwich and Chelsea all lost this weekend. Then Newcastle and Stoke drew with each other. Things could not have gone better and if we could just get a point, it will have been a very positive few days.

We have the capability to get a result at Spurs, we always have done. We need to look at Norwich and see how they went toe to toe with Man City and deserved a result. Others are not afraid of the so called big teams and we have to be the same. For Spurs, it's a Monday night game, on television, against a not very attractive team which they will expect to beat easily. The atmosphere will be muted and the crowd will turn if they are not winning. We should definitely go out to attack them, which would take them by surprise and knock them out of kilter. Go for it Villa.

KMac. Why oh fucking why have you picked that lineup? Just checked physioroom we have NO INJURIES. Where is Gana? Where is Traore? Where is Okore? Why is Westwood starting? Why is Lescott starting? Why is Richardson starting?

I'm stunned. It's a playing safe selection. Except against Spurs it's very unlikely to work. Okore, Adama, and Gana not even on the bench.  Unless he's got Sinclair and Grealish fired up enough to provide a cutting edge and Gabby and Bacuna provide a decent supporting role.

We've got to get players like Veretout, Ayew, Amavi and Gil on the pitch not on the bench. People say they're not good enough; I think they are and they need the chance to prove it. These next three matches where we're not given a hope of winning are the ones to do it.

Went to make a cup of tea and we're already 1 nil down. Jesus f*ucking christ. 

As soon as i saw who was ref i knew we would be up against it. I hate Mike Dean and he seems to hate Villa.

Mike Dean. What a cunt. Accidental arm in the face. Shall I stop play? No. Westwood leaves the pitch with concussion. CUNT.

Gabby only had 8 touches in that 1st half and i can't even fault him. Service non existent. Play someone rapid upfront lets hoof the ball head height see if he can knockdown for someone. Mind really boggles sometime at players decision making.

According to Sky dear old Gabby has had 8 touches in the first half, two of which were kick offs. Now there's a player we want in our side ffs, none in or near the 18 yd box.



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