The time is almost on us. What team will DS pick? My guess:


Guilbert  Engels  Mings  Taylor

McGinn  Hourihane  Grealish

Jota  Wesley  El Ghazi

Taylor because strikes me that Taggart hasn't yet settled, and Taylor and El Ghazi form a good partnership. Hourihane because he's playing well and Luiz and Marvelous have only just arrived. Jota because he's looked good in pre-season with him and Guilbert linking up well. However, it's possible that Trezeguet may play instead of Jota or El Ghazi.

None of the alternatives would be a bad choice. Depends really on how Smith sees it.

Looking forwards to this, and not too worried about the result. Think Smith will have them fired up though.

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Elmo  Engels  Mings  Taylor

McGinn  Hourihane  Grealish

Trezeguet  Wesley  El Ghazi

So, Elmo not Guilbert; maybe needs the reliability/experience against Spurs. Trezeguet not Jota; Trezeguet did look the business the other night. Otherwise as I thought. So, some new signings but not too many; think this is a good selection.

Bench: Steer, Engels, Targett, Luiz, Lansbury, Jota, Kodjia

Positively our defence was great, Heaton, Mings and Engels in particular but oh dear we couldn’t keep the ball in their half. Grealish didn’t do nearly enough and dallying on the edge of the box cost us a goal.

Someone please remind me, what exactly ElGhazi brings to the team.

Thought we may nick that but not to be today, we have the makings of a decent team once Dean gets a grip of them.

Think overall a good selection; don't think we could have put a better team out. No real complaints about any of them. Defensively we kept them at bay until the final 8 minutes, when two mistakes by Jack gave them two goals. Their first goal was a cracker which cancelled out our brilliant goal. We had other chances in the first half but they didn't quite come off. Overall, I think it showed we can compete at this level, and we should get better. A decent showing but a point or more would have been even better.

Jack worries me. Throughout the game thought he didn't look fit and by the end he looked shattered. McGinn was outstanding, as was the defence as a whole. Hourihane was worth his place. Trezeguet looks a find. At the end the commentators thought Wesley would be a force once he settles in. Don't think the subs added much but by then the team was under the cosh.

I'm sure we'll be OK. A decent PL performance against the Champions League finalists. Maybe a draw might have been fairer, although in the last 20 minutes Spurs were definitely on top.

It's a shame I was flying to Australia and couldn't see it, but next week is what our season is all about. We must compete with teams like Bournemouth, anyone outside the usual top 6 are our competition at the moment. Hopefully in a few years we can be looking up there, but not yet.

I'm sure Jack will come good.

Roll on next week end :-)

Really enjoyed the match,1st half we held our own but we a definately lacking a 'Tammy'

Wesley is not a centre forward ! I thought unfair to put him into that position against a very good organised defence,the team & DS learned valuable lessons from this match.

We are again relying on Jack to motivate the team going forward - as suggested he did not look fit but Spurs kept him subdued most of 2nd half.

These next few matches are a learning curve with a few hiccups along the way till the team gets gelled & DS finds the best formation - I am a happy bunny - At least we did not do a Norwich or West Ham

Hi all good to be back .

My take on the Spurs game is this .

We went there everyone most of the pundits wrote us off before a ball was kicked . 

Spurs away was a baptism of fire a genuine top 4 team and a European cup final team .

We was in front held them at bay for over 70 min that is no mean feat for any newly promoted side . I would dare say that there is a good few premier league clubs that will not do that this season .

The difference to me between the two sides was firstly the experience and class Spurs have in there squad ( Having Erisken on the bench ) and Villa need time to adjust to the pace of the premiership .

I think it is fair to say some Villa players ran out of gas in the last ten minutes or so .

This will come and players will last the full 90 with training and given game time at this level .

Me ever the optimist will say this .

The Spurs at home game is now history . We only have to play the top 4 teams twice that means 8 games out of 38 . We have played one of them games now that leaves 7 left to play . 

Villa's performance on Saturday shown me enough to have confidence that from the 30 games against teams we should be able to get enough points to stay up with ease .

This season for me is all about staying up and the higher that is the better i am tipping anywhere from 10/14th .

Lets see what happens next week against Bournemouth and hope we can get our first home win and some point's on the board .



Getting some points is massive, from a psychological point of view. It's all about confidence. At the moment I doubt if our confidence has been dented. But life gets a lot easier when you have some successes.

Agreed McP - Spurs match was a taste of the opposition that EPL provides but the players looked they enjoyed the EPL & will relish the oppotunities to shine a higher level than EFL,bearing in mind very few have had the opportunity to play at this level before.

A lot of lessons will have been learned from the Spurs match -DS no experience at this level is a shrewd tactician who will motivate the players - next saturday will prove my point  !!



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