Star's dad speaks out after failed Man United transfer, not happy

Keylor Navas is the forgotten man in the David De Gea saga, and he's been treated appallingly. De Gea has been chasing his own hopes and dreams and part of that has involved attempting to trample all over the hopes and dreams of Navas. When the Costa Rican goalkeeper joined Real Madrid from Levante he'd just been declared the best goalkeeper in Spain, he had a great World Cup and then started his career with Madrid.

Navas has done well for Madrid, especially given that it was his first season for such a huge club. He's had to put up with the Iker Casillas situation too and if it were not for politics then Navas would likely have been first choice for all of Madrid's games last season.

The goalkeeper had a great game at the weekend for Real Madrid, saving a penalty and hearing the crowd sing his name. Real Madrid fans were almost unanimous when polled on whether they wanted to replace Navas with De Gea, they did not - but their opinion and Navas' form mattered little.

Manchester United was to be the destination for the goalkeeper but, after the deal failed, Real Madrid put out a statement which more than suggested Navas had scuppered the whole thing because his personal terms talks with Manchester United had taken longer than hoped. Perhaps he should have taken a lead from De Gea and agreed personal terms months ago, as was reported nearly every day in Spain.

Navas' father has spoken out about the situation, quoted by Spanish newspaper AS as saying "They [the press] want a Spaniard in goal at Real Madrid and when they see a South American they either accept it or they do not. They know he is the best but because of pride they cannot accept him.

Freddy Navas went on to to say what a thrill it was to hear the Real Madrid fans chant his son's name at the weekend "My skin was tingling and tears came to my eyes when I heard so many people shouting my son's name, in one of the most difficult crowds at one of the best clubs in the world. He is a source of pride for all of Costa Rica."

Keylor Navas is probably the only person involved to come out this mess with their reputation not only intact but also enhanced. 

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I do feel so sorry for Navas and De Gea, Neither has be treated fairly by all this but Navas has definitely gotten the worst end of the stick. But He knows  that no matter what the club hierarchy think the Real fans are firmly behind Navas and are delighted he is staying as are the United fans with De Gea staying, even if its only for the year. I don't understand why Real feel the need to replace a class keeper like Navas



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