So this weekend marks the start of the festive fixtures, all 3 look winnable, but 2 are at home where we have been very poor.

I only saw the start of the Man U game as I was flying from Heathrow to my home in Thailand. I watched the first 10 minutes and thought it was promising, then I went to the restroom for a last minutes wash and brush up (as I had already flown from Miami), when I came back we were 2-0 down and I had to go. Seems we were poor from then on.

I continue to stress that this is a results business and compared to last season the results are better, but I can see also why lots of fans are disappointed.

We must get at least 4-6 points from the next 3 games I think otherwise we could find ourselves back in a scrap at the bottom where do not want to be.

Stoke's results have been a mixed bag rather like ours, could be another 0-0! I hope not. We do need Vlaar back his presence makes us much harder to beat.

So what are your thoughts? Everything crossed for a positive festive period unlike last year.


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The last two defeats have put the pressure on us for the next three games and I think we should be getting 7 points from them. The two at home have to be won to improve our form at Villa Park and if we don't beat these side then who can we beat at home.

Gabby is suspended for the next game so Lambert has to decide what he wants to do does he throw Weiman or Tonev in or does he change the system.

Finally some good news Okore might just be back in May. We need this guy back him and Vlaar will sort out the defence.



Danish international Jores Okore has revealed that he could return for Aston Villa this season.

The 21-year-old was a high-profile summer signing from Nordsjaelland, but he ruptured an anterior cruciate ligament in September against Newcastle.



I May be back this season!!!

Surgery soon after had seemingly ruled him out for the rest of the campaign.

But he has now suggested that he could return to action before May.

He Tweeted: "Buzzin. I May be back this season!!!"

From what Lambert said I don't think Vlaar will be back. But Herd probably will. So I think the back line will be:

Lowton   Clark   Herd   Baker

Didn't do too great at Fulham, but then Stoke don't have Berbatov. And Ireland will be ineligible. I think it'll be a close match. I think we can nick it. Above all, I want a solid performance, not the insipid affair against Fulham. We'll have Delph back and Albrighton has to play, which will give us chances. Lambert will be going for getting points on board any way he can, even if it isn't pretty, which at this stage of this season is definitely right.

If we get 6 points from the next 3 games I'll be delighted; 25 points at the halfway stage I reckoned at the start of the season would be a good performance. 4 would be OK. Less than 3 disappointing. UTV

What I don't understand about all this is that the theory of building a team is strong defence and solid home form, fortress at home etc.

Until we get winning games at Villa Park we will struggle.

The strong defence is there except the two linch pins are currently injured but that in itself should not leave us where we are.

Lambert just has to kick some arse, Bakers pass to the opposition and KEA pointing to a man for someone else to pick up is shameful.

I am quite sure that SAF wouldn't pusseyfoot about he would have the hair dryer out.

As to the three games we should be looking for nine points from these three but I suppose a min of one win and two draws would in the circumstance be ok but that means we have to be better than the last three games.

KEA did nothing wrong in pointing to the man, as he was passing him on to the defence.

Anyone who has played football knows that is the right thing to do, as long as you are communicating verbally as well.

KEA should not have tracked Januzaj into the box. One of the spare defenders should have come out to meet him - most probably Lowton, as Baker was covering the front post cross. 

If I could see that you were walking in front of a bus, I don't think you would thank me for pointing at the bus rather than shouting "UMMA THERE IS A F***ING BUS COMING"

At the inquest your family would be a bit pissed if I said "well I pointed at it".

thats a bit dramatic about the bus!

but yes, i do hope that he shouted that there was a man coming, but the replays are not conclusive on this matter.

He may well have just pointed…but if this is the case, Clark should also have shouted for someone to pick up the player (as i assume someone has to marshal the whole thing)

and failing all that, Lowton should shave realised that was where the immediate danger was, as there was a man that was inside the penalty box with no marker. 

Don't care how we play ,it's just getting this stupid home form stigma sorted as away we seem above average interms of points gained!
If we get 5 points from 9 on offer then so be it, it's 5 more points closer to that 40 mark but we have that ability to get all 3 wins,if it clicks!
It's going to be tuff but if we can stay away from the drop door zone then it's a good Christmas!

Spot on. For any team the first part of the season is about points. Take Chelsea; in some ways they're a pale shadow of when Mourinho was last there, but position-wise they're right up there where they want to be. And we're at the mid-table level which is probably realistic for us at the moment; we need to maintain that to the end of the year. We need to concentrate on building points at the moment; forget about how we play. To go into the second half of the season without looking over our shoulders would be massive.

Nasty night to be playing football. Wonder if Stoke will all have caught chills....

I do hope so..

Team is-

Teams - Villa: Guzan, Herd, Baker, Clark, Lowton, Delph, Westwood, Tonev, Weimann, Kozak, Albrighton. Subs: Bacuna, El Ahmadi, Helenius, Steer, Luna, Sylla, Bowery.

No Benteke!

I would like to see more of Helenius (with his shorts on!!). Everything crossed...



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