Striker thinks he'll be at Man United next season: "Yes, I think so"

Easily one of the more exciting players on the pitch for Manchester United, off it, Anthony Martial is one of the quietest.

Rarely seen in town, and only occasionally speaking to the media outside of his designated club interviews, the 20-year-old’s personal life remains a mystery beyond the odd tweet or Instagram picture.

Speaking to France Football on Tuesday, the striker opened up a bit about his personal life in a lengthy interview covering his time so far with the both the France and Manchester United squads.

He said: “I’m very home-loving, but I have, naturally, gone out from time to time with my girlfriend, just to get some fresh air, to have a look around. The rest of the time, I’m at home a lot. In the street, people recognise me.

“That’s also why I’m not a fan of going outside, even if in England, people are very polite and respectful. When they see we’re busy, they don’t come and bother us and, for example, ask us for a photo.”

On the pitch, however, the player explained he has made a lot of progress, especially physically, since his move from Monaco, helping him reach a new level of performance with the Premier League club.

He explained: “I was conscious I could last ninety minutes every time. At Monaco, I often only played sixty or seventy minutes before being subbed because I was tired. It was the same as a youth; I didn’t work on endurance enough.

“These days, I’m getting better and better. I haven’t changed my approach, I still eat well and sleep well, but my body has gotten used to it through playing games regularly and training harder.”

Praising Van Gaal throughout the interview, the player also briefly touched upon the Mourinho rumours, but declined to address them directly as the Dutchman was still in charge of the club.

To finish off, the player was also asked if he would be at Manchester next season.

His answer: “Yes, I think so.”

Good news all around for United fans, then.

Tom Coast.

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