If we are to take it that our transfer business is finished (and I'm not totally convinced it is) it would mean Jones, Young & De Gea were signed early on. Many papers are heralded United as an example to their rivals where Arsenal, Spurs & Chelsea are leaving their business late, Liverpool have missed out on a host of targets and City haven't looked particularly fit.


But if we look at it in another way United have missed out on a couple of their main targets.

Based on the newspapers we have missed out on

- Sneijder

- Varane

- Sanchez


Which based on their respective values means United were willing to spend up to another £60m this transfer window. Missing out on Varane has been largely offset by the signing of Jones (a year earlier than planned), while there still remains a very good chance that Sneijder will be sold.


Has this summer been a success then in your view?

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What happened about Varane?? Did we just pull out or has he gone elsewhere?
He chose Madrid instead of us
Normally i'd say a poor decision, but compare our young defence to Real's, he probably has more chance breaking through. So whilst i'd have chosen United, i can see some logic behind it i suppose.

The thing is, we have missed so many good players over the years, but maybe SAF just wasn't interested?

For example, Yaya Toure, how good would he have been? Surely we could have got him if we tried, but I doubt we were ever even interested. Sahin another example.

Didn't Man City get Toure because they offered him a reported near £200k per week...?
Well if that's what it takes to sign a quality midfielder (which he is) I would not be against it.

The club has done extremely well in the transfer market this summer. Three players signed sealed and delivered by 1st July and all have had a good pre-season. That's the way it should be done.


It has and it hasn't been a success in a way because whilst we've signed three very good players, we've still yet to improve the midfield which has needed improvement for a few seasons now and for me it's still a concern even though Anderson and Cleverley have started the season particularly well.


I think the players we have brought in are all excellent signings who have loads of potential. De Gea who although hasn't had the best of starts to his United career, will of course get better and better with more games and will become our goalkeeper for the next 10 years or so. Jones will be a fantastic centre back in the future. I didn't think he would feature that much this season but the manager obviously has a lot of confidence in him because he wanted him to get that big game experience against City in the Community Shield which says to me that he'll play a bigger part this season than I first thought. Young is a player who I've wanted us to sign for quite a while now ever since he was at Watford. I think we've lacked a big threat from the left for sometime now and I think Young will provide that threat like he did against West Brom because he was brilliant. I can't see any reason why he can't be one of the top assisters in the league this season along with Nani and I'm sure he'll get a good number of goals as well.


I agree with that Shades. We're linked with countless players throughout the summer but who's to say that we're actually interested in 99% of these players?

I agree. That area never seems to be improved. Always the wings and defense and striking options seem to be improved. The question is why?

I'm still hopefull we will bring in someone by the time of the transfer window close's.But if we dont, we are going to rely on Fletcher and Carrick being our experienced midfielders who will,hopefully,rely on them to carry your Andersons and Cleverlys through the campaign.Now to me thats a big risk mainly on the basis of the form of the experienced players and that of the youngsters,while also highlighting Anderson's Injury problems.


Deep down we do need another Midfielder,defensive or Attacking,theres a good case for either but I just cant fathom us not bringing in some more central qaulity.Its the one area United fans have been agonising over for the best part of 2 years. 

All of them.


For me Sniejder.Mainly because he offers what Nasri and Modric offer but also more.

Looks a nice team but won't happen. I can't see us signing any CM, seems any move for Sneijder is well and truly dead. Highly unlikely we will sign him.
thought that was G.D.Santos,then I saw the teeth.lol.



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