Team: Guzan, Hutton, Richards, Clark, Amavi, Sanchez, Westwood, Bacuna, Gueye, Sinclair, Gestede

Bench: Bunn, Bennett, Cole, Veretout, Ayew, Gil, Kozak

No Gabby in sight. Sick? More importantly, no Grealish. Looks a strong line-up but maybe lacking in creativity.

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FFS Carles pull the trigger

2-2 0 mins to go. We have to score in the next 5 mins. Otherwise we're certain to give away a goal in the last 5 mins.

Disappointing, we were far and away the better side. Not much could have been done about their 2 goals, but we just lacked a cutting edge.

I think we all agree, we need another striker, Kozak must be better than Gestede,  I would have given him at least 20 mins today. Gana looks class and it is only 4 games, so I think the future is bright and this squad will have a good run later in the season.

We go again!!

I didn't watch today but in my opinion Gestede is lacking quality in a lot of departments. He is not even that good in the air.

Gabby and Grealish came down with the flu/stomach bug. Traore was suffering from a knock.

Pity we couldn't win. But as a lot said Sinclair is rocking. In terms if a striker, what about Marcus Gayle from Crystal Palace?! Not getting a game and is a natural finisher....

Yep, disappointing. We should have got all three points. These days you need a good defence AND a good attack; thought we gifted them the second goal and that lost us two points.

Good points: Nice to see Sinclair score two more goals; he has to be a starter, irrespective of who else plays. Overall I get the impression that this team is really beginning to click.

Thoughts: Lescott sounds more and more a good idea. Gestede isn't clicking and we really need Kozak to be given a go. Gil isn't yet back to his best but will probably get there. We missed Grealish but didn't cope too badly without him.

And: Liverpool lost 0-2 at home. We're above Chelsea in the table. Great!

Just watched MOTD. With 4 goals should have been on first so of course we were halfway down. And the talk was all about Sunderland. When it came to us Keown just said "they've lost Benteke, lot of new faces..." and that was it. What's new?

Reckon Gil was tripped; should have been a pen. Sinclair's second goal was terrific, great cross by Amavi and he arrived just right for it. Gestede doesn't look very good. But we should have won by a mile.

Top marks for Amavi, Hutton, Clarke, Gueye, Sinclair and Sanchez. When Gil came on for Bacuna we looked a real threat and I hope Gil cements a starting place in the next game- he was pulling the strings when he came on, always demanding the ball and was our missing creative spark.

I'm worried about Gestede- he looks out of his depth and didn't contribute much all game. Sherwood should have brought Kozak or Ayew on for the last 20 mins to freshen things up but didn't and I don't know why.

Overall we played well, were unlucky not to win and when they have had more time to gel, we will have an exciting bunch of players at VP.

Top marks for Clark !!! Surely not, his poor defending has cost us goals in the last 2 league games. He should not have been beaten so easily for the second goal. We need to take our chances more. However I thought Gueye, Sanchez and Westwood were excellent in midfield. Becuna was the weak link, but when Grealish is back I don't think Becuna will play so much. Disappointed not to win, but we are getting there and with the right service to Gestede and the other forward players we will start to win games.

Not sure if you were at the game Frothy or just watched the highlights, but Clarke was excellent throughout the game. He and Richards both played well, are forming a really strong partnership and they won nearly every tackle and header yesterday.

If you want to blame anyone for their second goal, then look to Westwood who gave the ball away as we were breaking forward. Really harsh to try and blame Clarke as he was trying to get back and cover for Westwoods mistake. He actually was unlucky as he nearly got the tackle in and also the ball took a slight deflection that carried it over Guzan.

I was at the game in the front row of the upper Holte End. Clark has been playing well, however he does make basic defensive errors. He approaches face on when he should switch his body to follow the run of the striker. I do not want to be singling out players. But we need to cut out the defensive errors, if we are going to improve our league position. Having said that with 22 chances made it means that we are creating a lot more going forward. We just need to be putting a few more of these chances away.  As I said earlier the midfield performed brilliantly and If Grealish had played we would have won the game comfortably. BTW 22 chances in one game is more than we created in 4 months under "Mumbles" Lambert. Looking at the season so far, we won at Bournemouth when we could have lost. We lost to Man U and Palace when we could have or should have drawn. Yesterday we drew when we should have won. So it has tended to even itself out over the games. If we can get the right service to Gestede by getting behind them and crossing from the byline, we will start to win more than we lose.

We can all moan about a player or two but I am happy we are making progress.

Ghana and Amavi are real finds, what can you say about Sinclair, scored 5 in two games, got to be good for us.

I think we missed Grealish and I would have included Gill from the start or sooner as a sub we certainly need creation.

The defence is still settling as is the whole team but I don't think we missed that bloke that went to Citeh one little bit, see I have forgotten his name already.

Two week break bloody internationals couldn't even tell you who we are playing or in what but I do know we'll probable lose.
I agree JDHS. It's practically a new team and they will need time to gel together. I'm more than happy with the squad we have and hope Gestede finds his feet soon. I guess we should expect the odd mistake or two in these early games but overall the signs are encouraging.

I do wonder if, in the future we will see Amavi pushed into the midfield as I think he would do well on the left side. He is pacey , good on the ball and can pass/cross well.



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