Is it?


I think so. Traditional curtain-raiser between the European Cup and UEFA Cup winners.


Or Champions League v Europa League if you prefer.


Barcelona v Porto


New signings on both sides, and Porto lost their manager and some players, with others rumoured .


My money's on Barcelona, but I think it should be a good match.


Last year the Europa League won the day, with Atletico Madrid shocking European Champions Inter Milan.



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Flares, I think. In Monaco!


Fancy that.

I know Barca are good but at times the exaggeration is a bit crazy and sickening... They've just called Messi's goal magical. Sorry, but I'd fancy Emile Heskey to score that, the keeper went to ground quickly and messi simply went round him and tapped it in for an open goal.
I've seen Emile miss from 2 yards out. I think you're doing Messi a bit of discredit there. Plenty of strikers have fluffed one on ones. It wasn't magical; you're right, but still a good goal nonetheless as the keeper got sold with that shimmy.

HT 1-0


Porto had a bunch of the play, so this could still get interesting in the second half. They of course are already in the thick of their season, so you'd guess they'd be able to give a good showing.

Oh Pedro....that was close! Good, still a one-goal game.


Sanchez coming on for Villa, nice sub to have!

Nothing beats when Kaka comes on for Ronaldo, the two most expensive players in the world.
Kaka should go back to Italy. He'll play every week. Which he's not going to do at RM. Wasted there, poor chap, I really like him.
He was carrying them when he first signed, but he got a serious injury and Ozil took his spot. Kinda like Benzema overtaking Higuain.
Tell me - was it Pellegrini when they signed him, I can't remember?
Yep, same time as Alonso, Ronaldo and Benzema I think.

Right, that's it, the summer of 2009. Then he got that injury, came back too soon to play in the WC, and it all went down hill from there.

It's in the net, but Messi fractionally offside. Porto playing a dangerous game, but still only one goal in it with under 25 minutes to go.



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