OK I have regrouped, got over the disappointment of Leicester and read all of the doom and gloom on all of the forums.

I firmly believe that now is the time to get behind the team and not make some futile protest. These 'fans' who want to try to make a point need to realize that Lambert is most likely going nowhere. We need Villa Park rocking from the start if we are going to beat Liverpool. Give Gil a warm welcome and Lambert needs the team to be fired up as well.

Now is the time to be strong, now is the time to get behind the team.

I will be on a plane (as usual), when we play, please give me some good news when I arrive in Bagkok.


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Same here. I found Leicester hugely frustrating, partly because those were 3 points which we should have made a much better stab at getting, and partly because our play fell apart under pressure; the solidity had gone. But it was just one game. Let's hope the solidity comes back; it's a massive strength to have. We need to look forwards and move forwards.

Sky has an interesting article comparing the bottom 9 teams here. It makes it clear that compared to the other teams we have just one major weakness; we cannot score goals!!!! Solve that and we should be fine.

Pity we haven't Clark for the Liverpool game (amazing how that was the last thing we would have thought we would be saying, until he was given another chance). But let's be positive. We've beaten them once this season, we can do so again. Liverpool is not the force it was. We can keep them out and get something from this game. Benteke hasn't been scoring but he ought to be; maybe he's waiting for this sort of challenge!

at the moment, Benteke is a 1 in 2.5 striker. so he is a due a goal. Just the one, mind. 

Lambert has the knack of picking u result when he desperately needs them... I think Liverpool at Home could be one of those games... Liverpool won't come to sit back, it should give us room and make creating chances a bit easier, especially with their defensive weakness this season.... I hope, I think we could sneak something out of this game.... 

Watch us go and score 4 lol

That would be nice...Even if it's just to piss Lawrenson off. Did you hear him the other night when asked if he would be a villa park at the weekend. 'God no it'll be dire' he said.

Well at least he has us to get a draw, and a 1-1 one at that so he thinks we can score a goal.

Get a grip WC - give us room to create chances ! PL's tactics are not about 'chances' they are about not conceding  - the team players are good enough to create chances & score goals but his tactics do not allow this to happen ?

We are strong - we are behind the team but PL's tactics now are making AV the worst team to watch in the EPL - teams in league 2 are playing better football - AV are now the lowest scorers of goals in English leagues - is this about players or managers tactics ?

It's about a lot of things, not least the huge gulf between League 2 and the PL. To retain a decent position in the PL you have be mean about letting in goals as well as slotting in the other end. Mourinho is the past master at letting other teams play football then slotting in goals when it matters. He originally left Chelsea because Abramovich wanted entertainment. Now Abramovich has decided that winning is entertaining.

I think Lambert has tried to have a balanced approach, with first priority being a solid defence (not a bad idea seeing how bad it was in previous seasons). I suspect the idea was get the points on board early by any means (which he did), score enough to be in a decent position (top half minimum) by the end of the year, then start developing the attacking side of things from a firm base. I just don't think he anticipated how bad we'd be at scoring.

Why? Partly players. Remember the reconstruction over the summer was with bargain basement stuff; in practice we didn't do too badly, none of the buys is actually bad, and some were very good (Sanchez, and Cissokho is certainly an improvement on what we had before). And it takes a reconstruction time to bed in. Also, unless he saw Cleverley as an attacking mid-fielder, then he wasn't able to improve the stuff up front, except for Cole who was always going to have fitness issues. And of the forwards we have, Gabby and Andi have had little impact after the first few matches, and Benteke is off the pace too much.

Partly manager as well. We rarely produce a coherent attack these days, which to me is a sign of poor coaching (our coaching staff is very thin). And he's persisted with players who haven't produced. If he plays Andi then he has to play him up front with Benteke. If he plays Gabby then play him deep because he's no longer a striker. And don't keep playing say Gabby at the expense of younger sharper players like Bacuna.

Don't think we've scored early on in any match. Or late on. In previous seasons you'd find Andi hitting the net in the first few minutes in several matches. We've lost that killer touch. We need to find it again.

Lambert is not going to be sacked by Lerner. End of. We need to get behind our team because they need it at the moment. We haven't been prolific in front of goal this season and i don't think we're going turn it around any time soon.

We need reinject confidence into the team and i think this could be the best way to do it: 


Fast Forward to 7mins for the goal.



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