Will he? Won't he? Will he? Won't he? Has he signed? Yes? No? Yes? No?


Confused? Pretty much every red has been since December last year when he was pictured in that infamous home game that we lost to Wolves under Hodgson. After nothing for a few weeks, suddenly he's undergoing a medical according to more credible sources.






Well at least he's a left winger....

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If he was linked when Hodgson was still in charge then I'd prefer us to stay clear, it's got Jovanovic written all over it!

He's definitely a Comolli signing, so I hope he's seen something that we're yet to. Problem is, this guy was out for most of last season, and his record of injuries is not great overall, so I'm still not sure what Comolli has quite seen!


But, as you've pointed out, he is a left winger/midfielder, so he has to at least add depth to the squad, if anything else. But I agree with Gerrez, there's a Jovanovic feel to this guy, that he was pretty decent a few years ago in a weaker league but he may take a while to settle in, if ever.


Also, I hear he'll be on a 5 year, 60k a week contract, which is a big gamble on someone so used to the treatment table. Harry Kewell is the name that Marveaux springs to my mind. Still, he is a former France U21 and United/Chelsea have been linked with him in the past, so he may be one of these frees that pays off. Here's hoping, anyway!

I think any free transfers should be taken on a maximum one or two year contract to prove themselves, with an option to extend.
Definitely agreed on that one, especially considering what Cole and Jovanovic have done for us (i.e close to bugger all!). Perhaps it should be a two year contract, with a clause that activates for an addition year or two if they play a certain amount of games; much like what Kyrgiakos seems to have just activated in his.
I'd say one year with a clause for the option of another two years if they play so many games.

Sure. Either way, I would like to see such clauses introduced as I'd hate to see a Winston Bogarde or Danny Mills type at the club, i.e, sign up on long term, high wage contracts, fail to make an impression so ending up sitting in the reserves whilst the wages keep rolling in.


In other respects, I like the idea of signing up players on long term contracts as it minimizes the chances of losing them for nothing after a few years of settling in, but it's still a big gamble. I think free transfers should always adhere to the contract clauses we're discussing though.

He's only gone and failed the medical according to French reports.


Not always on a free but, in recent times, we have had far too many players on long term contracts that simply are not good enough - Jovanovic, Degen, Cole, Voronin, Poulsen, Konchesky, Josemi, Kromkamp, etc.  We have not always been stuk with these players as we have been able to ship them out one way or another, but the danger was still there.  We have a similar situation with Aquilani but having spent best part of £20m on him, I think it was wise to have a longer contract so that we can recoup some money.


PS - rough estimation, combined, those players earned in the region of £500k+ per week.  Thats roughly £26m+ per annum..!!!!

Crikey, when you roughly estimate like that, it goes to show how wasteful our last decade (ish) has been in signing flops!


And Speedy, is that so?? Well, in all fairness, my fear was his physical strength, so if that turns out to be true, then I hope Comolli, or whoever is pulling the strings on this proposed transfer now lets go!

Rumour has it that Marveux has failed his medical with us, can anyone substantiate this claim?

SSN reporting that he has signed for Newcastle.

Indeed he has, the Marveaux saga is officially over!


Word is from SM is that he wanted five years, but Liverpool offered him 3 years, worried over his injury problems over the last few years which is fair enough.


Might be a dodged bullet tbh, so much rubbish and guff over the last 6 months.


Charles N'zogbia anyone?



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