It's a bit quiet on here at the moment so I thought I'd start a thread in order to keep myself amused.

I'll be talking to myself about Liverpool matters and trying to answer my own questions honestly, there may be a few disagreements, but I will try to keep the abuse to a minimum.

If anyone would like to join in feel free, I do get lonely and would welcome the company.

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Don't be rude you dick!

Who the fuck put you in charge? I'll do what I like.

If you can do what you like take your finger out of my arse y'bender.

Do the two big ugly Man Utd loving dykes still own this site?

I have infiltrated luvgonzo and banned the fucker!

Fuck you PL Board wankers!

Right I'm in charge around here now, who else can I ban and how do I get Dunc into this place to suck me o...back me up?

Who's got the Jaffa Cakes?

Anyone in need of a Social Warrior?

Just banned PISKIE and Slycock from this dump, who's next?

Tell HAIG to put the phone down no cops needed I've got it sorted.

Doxxing fuckers, I've got PM's to prove it.



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