Tennis player asks for his dad to be removed from stands as he's annoying him

Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic asked the unpire to help him get his father removed from the side of the court in the Masters 1000 event in Miami.

Tomic's father was giving the player negative feedback on his game and annoying him throughout his match against Ferrer. It all got too much and Tomic went over to the umpire and requested they removed his father from the stands, he'd already been asked once which had little impact as Tomic senior remained there giving feedback to his son.

The umpire decided to warn Tomic for receiving court-side coaching and announce it over the speaker in the hope that would shut his dad up, the tennis player even thanks the umpire for the warning.

It's not the first time Tomic senior has caused problems for his son. In 2009 he ordered the player off court because he thought the umpire was favouring his opponent. Tomic was subsequently banned from tournaments for a month. 

In 2010 his dad was it again, threatening to pull his son out of Australian teams after having a row with the governing body.

It'll be fun at their family Sunday lunch this weekend.


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