Wants to leave City again. Now, is it cynical of me to suggest that if it was for family reasons (as he claims) then he would be looking to return to Argentina. Funny then, that this news has broken within days of a proposed swap deal with Samuel Eto'o which would have seen him move to Inter who play in Milan, collapsing. Geography was never my strongest subject so can someone help me out here? Where in Argentina is Milan situated?

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He's bored of City, will try and tempt Real in my opinion.

He just has no loyalty.

We know that though.
He's never had any loyalty.

Which I do think is fair now. He wants to play for lots of clubs, and experience different types of football. It's a new era remember.
Even if he went to Madrid, Barca or either of the Milans, he'd only stay for 2 seasons wouldn't he?


Whichever way you look at it ,for city he's been money well spent.
without him we wouldn't be in the CL next year and would still be having to buy greedy sods or players of lesser quality than we want to attract.
we will thank him for the 100% he's given every game and move on.
Nohlman is more interesting
If it was glory that motivated not money then he wouldn't have come to city now would he?
<ok> That's what I think too.

Just trying to imagine a conversation between carlos and his wife:

Tevez: Hello, I'm earning 200,000 a week and living like a king, what do you say we move to Manchester?

Wife: erm... tell me more.

Tevez: well it's different to South America of course but a very nice city. We'll live like royalty with the money.

Wife: hmm....

Tevez: oh, but it rains a lot.

Wife: nope, no thanks, no chance.


No but seriously, fair enough if his family can't settle in England, especially the kids I guess...?

Isn't this the same Tevez who said he was going to retire in a year or two?


Can't figure the guy out, he should just go back to Argentina if he's so homesick, they have football there. He must have enough money by now to open a bank!

Is he still with his his wife?  I heard that he was having affairs even when his wife was having their second child.  It's always his children he talks about missing not his wife.

I just don't see why he can't convince his family to come over for a year.


It's almost unbelievable and there's probably a reason for that.  He could just put his fut down, he earns all the money afterall.


It wouldn't shock me in the slightest if it came out in a few years that he'd told his family to stay in Argentina to give him an excuse to continually go back, he's been given time off by both Manchester clubs to do so, and so that he can use it as an excuse.


Can you imagine if in March his family had said 'right Carlitos, we're coming over, pick us up at the airport', would he have thought 'brilliant' or 'bugger can't use that excuse now'?



I think you're giving him too much credit in implying he actually has a brain and can think for himself
deja vu of deja vu



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