SAFE! What a relief. At the start of the second half I was really panicking but Arsenal have pulled through. Obviously be nice to still get a win on Sunday, but I certainly won't begrudge them a fairwell victory since we're safe ;)

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Onwards and upwards for next season. Now to think of the transfer window and potential targets to help up improve towards mid table. 

I want a win on Sunday. If results go in our favour we could finish as high as eleventh.

And breathe.

Now for the future tie down the likes of Benteke Andi Lowton Westwood and bring in some fresh young talent and also getting rid of Dunne Ireland Bent Hutton and maybe even Given.




and ya actually i am sorry to see wigan go .. the chairmen has irked us with his villa are not good enough for his manager ( which makes Wigan completely beneath him by that logic)

but you have to hand it to them, they play some nice if not experimental football at times

they do have a likable and forward thinking coach too  and come on .. they just won the FA cup! you have to say that's not easy no matter what ..

be proud Wigan supporters and hopefully you will bounce back quickly

Congratulations from us all!

Safe, Safe, Safe!!! Breath again, look to the future.

Yep, we should go all out for a win on Sunday. Try to finish the season off with style, get higher up the table, and give everybody a lift. We've had a great run this last few weeks; think of what would have happened if we hadn't. Let's continue it.

We need to nail the talent down smartish. I've a feeling Lambert and Randy won't hang around. Of our professional squad of 35, I can see 7 straight off we won't be keeping. That doesn't include players who've been rather on the fringes like Herd, Holman and Given, although does include Bent and Ireland. So allowing for the fact that some of those are high earners, we should have funds to rewrite a few contracts as well as invest in more talent. Here's to the future!


So sorry for Wigan and Whelan they have been a proper club with a proper chairman and top fans. My best take would have been Wigan win x 2 and Sunderland would have gone, no way would they have got anything against Spuds. After Jan we were getting to the place where we belong. It was only a few freek results that sent us just above the drop zone, however, for me there was never any doubts about relegation, especially with the remaining fixtures.  Watch this space next year you doomongers we will arise again.

Don't be sorry for Wigan,they wouldn't of give a damn if they sent us down!
And that twat of a chairman ,who keeps spouting that Martinez will only move to a bigger club than the likes of Everton,Liverpool ,and us!
Glad they have gone just like when that other joke club Wimbledon went!

You do have to question Martinez's ability considering how shocking their defence has been since he's been there and not done anything to correct it. Blame the injuries all he wants this season, but it's not like they've consistently had injuries at the back for the past 4 seasons is it?

Look at Sam Allardyce. He's got West Ham to a top ten finish with generally very few goals conceded. It's no coincidence that he was consistently getting Bolton to mid table finishes due to their solid defensive approach. Any manager knows that you can't expect to win games if you're already 2 or 3 goals down. Martinez may have tried to play the game the "right" way, but quite frankly you can't just ignore the importance of defence in the game, particularly nowadays where results are what matters.

Give me a season of 30 1-0 wins 8 0-1 losses over 8 4-3 wins and 30 3-4 losses anyday. 

Lets hope lambert is reading your shout villan0u5 as ours is the reason we almost went down!



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