SAFE! What a relief. At the start of the second half I was really panicking but Arsenal have pulled through. Obviously be nice to still get a win on Sunday, but I certainly won't begrudge them a fairwell victory since we're safe ;)

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The hardest season as a Villan I have ever known but even if the worst had happened I would have stuck with Paul Lambert. I like the way we play now and the better team spirit and the positivity even when we were getting knocked left, right and Villa!!!

I genuinely feel sorry for Wigan. They are the FA Cup winners and play some great football at times but their weakness, like us, is that they concede too many goals. I also think Martinez is a top bloke and manager. May they bounce back.


transfer targets = 

Calum McMannaman

James McCarthy

Loic Remy

James Chester

Moritz Leitner (loan)


I'd leave Remy alone.................

yeah, saw that, but only after i posted that i thought we should sign him! ah well. it might all be paper talk. still a good football player though. 

I think Lambert will be reluctant to sign players currently in the PL because there's usually a hefty price overload associated with doing that. I think he'll be looking at Belgium/France/Germany/Austria for talent which has already shown itself. Sylla looks to have been a good buy, and there may be others.

well if we let some of the big earners go - Nzogbia, Bent, Given and Dunne mainly then i would hope that we bring in one or two big players in my opinion-  of the 8 mill plus range.

Much like Benteke, except better ;-)

Paper talk? It's not people saying Benteke's off to Tottenham; It's the police saying, 'we've got Remy in custody on suspicion of gang rape'. No question he is a decent player, but quite frankly we're not the bluenoses so let's not be going after convicts (Marlon King).

Stuff Wigan, without being a football snob , they are not a " proper " top flight club , their owner is a complete tool and the if Martinez was any good, how come they only start playing from March onwards ?

Enough about Wigan, this has been a difficult season and I did give up on Lambert after the Bradford semi, but to be fair, our form since the debacle has been a lot better, you can almost sense the confidence begin to grow within the lads !

Hopefully we will move on Given, Hutton, Ireland ,Dunne & Bent which should generate an estimated £300k / week in wages alone , this must allow us to get one or two in.

In my opinion we need a CB & LB although I think Bennett may come good, Danny Rose from Spuds maybe , and a striker, I do like Kone at Wigan , I would like to see a quality wide player but Lambert does not seem to play with wide midfielders .

Onwards & upwards . UTV !


It's all good and well saying sell Given, Hutton, Warnock, Ireland and Bent etc but my issues with this are:

Given - 37 with injury problems who hasn't shown he's fit and has barely played. That's tempting.

Hutton and Warnock - No better than Championship quality so what Championship side will be willing and able to afford their wages? At least they've played to showcase whatever they have.

Ireland - Known to cause trouble within squads, poor attitude when it comes to his football and commitment to training. Barely played all season, shown glimpses but predominately poor. Would probably refuse Championship clubs. Sounds ideal for QPR ironically. So what Prem side would take him? Could Di Canio get something out of him at Sunderland? Maybe.

Bent - Good goalscorer who given the right service is devastating providing you have him for that purpose and that purpose alone. A good selling prospect

It's one thing saying sell them, it's another thing finding people willing to pay their wages, pay a fee and more importantly the players willing to go to those clubs. Bent will be the easiest to move on as he IS a good striker, just doesn't fit in to Lambert's system where he needs all 11 players working their socks off and able to defend. It's why Ireland doesn't fit. It's also why N'Zogbia struggles compared to Sylla. 

At least Dunne is a simple case of out of contract. That's a bit easier to move on.

We'd all love the big changes to be made, £15m generated and £300k/week off our wage bill, but the reality of it is it'll be a lot of hard work otherwise they'd have been out the door already.

If Tottenham would be willing to sell, and if he would want to come to us then I think Danny Rose would be a good signing. Be worth seeing who takes over at Everton, whether it's a Premier League manager and which players are out of favour at the clubs etc as there could be some real good buys available



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