This is my first article or post for some time on here mainly due to work but also due to the overhaul and the if but's and maybe's i though i would let every thing settle down and have wait until we have a new owner and manager in place for definite .

The new owner seem's to have a set goal he want's to achieve and if half of what he is supposed to have said regarding fiance's we could be moving forward sometime soon .

The appointment of Di Matteo as manager has my full support for me he has a good pedigree both in the Championship with The Baggies and also in the Premiership with Chelsea .

The down side to my not coming on here as often as i used to is i have pretty much lost touch with all thing's regarding Villa apart from my wish coming true and finally getting rid of Randy .

The thing i would be grateful of learning is who out of our last season's squad we have released given new contact's to and what transfer's in or out have been completed . I have time allowing found out that we have signed Elphic from Bournemouth which could be a very good buy for us .

The rumour's i have come across include Sinclair to Celtic for around £6 million .

The target's been looked at to be signed Dwight Gayle from Palace , Jame's Wilson from Man Utd loan or permanent and lastly the most interest in one is a season long loan move for Nicola Leadi the Juventus the understudy of Buffon at the Club .

If any one could fill me in with any other signing's , release's , target's or transfer budget's given to Di Matteo i would be gratefull .



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The easiest way for me to discuss this is to link you to this article.

Is a very good summation of what has been going on transfer/rumour wise. Also, worth checking out the forum over there. Knowledgeable people, no windups or trolls, and a vibrant healthy community. Oh, and of course. no ads.:-)

Just back from 3 weeks in the north of Scotland; managed to keep track of things but not contributed anything. Reckon the major changes, if any, will come after the training camp, when Di Matteo has a better idea of what he's got. As far as I can gather the current state of things is:-

Gone: N'zogbia, Robinson, Richardson, Crespo and a few U21s.

In: Elphick

Very probably coming: Tshibola, Gollini

So, a goalkeeper, central defender and midfielder. OK so far. I'm uneasy about Richards and Lescott still being here. Ageing pros having undue influence in the dressing room was a major source of problems last season. And I hope Roberto bites the bullet and ships out Gabby.

I hope he can get a good winger and another striker. We need somobody who scores goals for fun. Ayew could have a good season but it's possible he'll be off, which would leave Gestede and Sinclair as the main strikers; both could be effective with the right support, but something extra would be good.



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