Team: Steer, DeLaet, Bree, Terry, Taylor, Hourihane, Bjarnason, Onomah, Green, Davis, O'Hare

Bench: Bunn, Elmo, Elphick, Doyle-Hayes, Lansbury, RHM, Grealish

I sense a banana skin here; that side is a bit unbalanced. Why not Suliman in central defence instead of Bree? If the right sort of plan has been put into place in training then maybe it will be OK, but does Bruce do plans?

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1-0 Davis, 8 minutes. Cross by De Laet.

1-0 HT. In the lead, but Posh overall maybe with the better play. Bree is not a CB.

Ok so we got the result we wanted, now we can concentrate on the league. 

1-3.  Posh deserved it. We were at our worst. I've no problem with Bruce playing some of the fringe players, but surely he has to put out a team which can perform. That was total rubbish. A disgrace. A banana skin of Bruce's making.

Bruce shouldn't be at this club.

No defensive midfielder so they were able to go through us with ease. Did we not learn this lesson last year? That's why we have Jedinak and Whelan isn't it?

I am not bothered that we lost. But that was a poor decision from Bruce, I'm all for resting players, but to throw in all the fringe players at once is suicide. Maybe that was what he wanted, but it doesn't give these players confidence.

We MUST now produce in the league with a combination of the Bristol City team and youngsters.

We can go on a run, if this is the right manager!!!!!!!!!

Lets stop blaming this one on Bruce for once.

He told all he was going to make lots of changes like giving kids game time so those fans that went to the game have only themselves to blame.

He doesn't care about an over rated cup that is only hyped by the BBC. The greedy FA and the premier league killed off this cup years ago. All top clubs put out youth players as they don't value it anymore.

For once I agree with Bruce's thinking that we need to concentrate all on getting out of this league rather than risking top players on a cup we wont win.

Who cares if we could of got a home game next against a top premier league team, more cash days in getting into the prem.

for once I say well done Bruce.

The last time i read such Bulls...e was from our super clown manager Bruce - but to see it from a Villa supporter makes me think that this club is more than doomed !

Spent the evening with a Geordie, scouser,, man city fan who like me a villa fan agree that the FA cup is dead as prem positions mean more to clubs.

Albion won but do you think they would rather go on a cup run,then maybe, win the cup or stay in the prem?

Of course posh played us off the park, it was a p***poor squad selected for the reason to rest the squad for the push ahead. We all new that was going to happen.

Greek, if you believe the FA cup is important enough to risk the main squad players getting injured then you  sir are talking bulls**t.

some on here may believe that we could of won the cup because we were in a final a few years back, with the winning games feel good factor but some of us don't give a monkeys about the FA and their overhyped cup, with semi finals at Wembley as proof it has been devalued to pay off the Wembley bill.

Yes Bruce is a crap, boring manager but we are in a position to go up, I know what I would rather us win.



brisbane - totally disagree. Winning matters. We needed to win this to keep the momentum going from the Bristol game. We should expect to win this sort of match, even with a number of changes. The problem was that no thought at all was given to putting on to the pitch a properly organised balanced team which could compete. Some players still played well, in fact only a very few played badly (Onomah I'm looking at you), but as a team performance it was a shambles.

That was down to Bruce and was typical Bruce. He doesn't do team organisation; he stumbles on it occasionally. His decision making is poor in all sorts of areas. Looking at teams in Leagues 1 & 2, there are plenty of managers who know enough about managing in the modern game that they can put out well-organised teams capable of competing, even if the individual players themselves are mainly average; Posh yesterday, Newport County today. If they can do it and Bruce can't, why should he keep his job?

The cup is only devalued if you think it is. It's an opportunity to show the fans what can be done, in a different world from the leagues. I'm glad Sherwood got us to the final, even if the final itself was disappointing; smashing Liverpool on the way was one of the best moments of recent years. And who says we couldn't get to the finals again? With the players we have it's certainly a possibility. With the manager we have it isn't.

Villa needs spirit, a sense of adventure, a desire to win, a belief in getting to the next step. We will never, never, never get it with this sorry example of a manager. Dour, unsmiling, sad excuses are all you get from him. Bruce out.

My biggest concern from this weekend is that the worst team in the premier played the best team (by miles) in the championship result -draw. One of the best teams in the championship Villa played lowly Posh and lost.

its a fact Bruce is miles behind in modern management terms and now talks about signing a goal scoring midfielder, how many players does this muppet think he can play in a team?

i really hope that we will get promoted but have serious doubts given his performances, he clearly doesn’t know his best team given who we are to play each week. His comments are typical of a manager who has been found out and is bettered by presumed lesser managers.

got to agree Bruce out!



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