Dear All,


I know this is off topic or not sport related (yet) but I've been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.


Just wanted to share my joy with my fellow reds .


Tried sneaking a footie name in but the wife was having none of it.


Have already bought her a baby Utd kit.


Not getting any sleep but who cares.



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Congratulations to you and your wife on the safe arrival of your precious little Devilette.  You must be so happy.

Devilette, new word, I like it.


Thanks, a life changing experience ineed. Women are awesome and it's a privilege to have them in our lives. Mother and baby are in excellent health/

Ahhh!  Congratulations!


Would love to know the footie name you tried your luck with - not Wayne I hope!



Actually tried sneaking Giggs or Scholes in somewhere. Didn't work
I did ok with mine in that respect.  Got Edward in as one of my sons middle names in tribute to the legend that is Eddie Vedder.  Still can't believe the misses agreed, although I think if i'd have wanted Eddie instead of Edward I don't think I'd have pulled it off!
At least yours was a boy - daredevil's had a baby girl!

Ah yes, sorry, overlooked that part lmao!!!


Congrats again!

Not surprised!  Try Ryana or Paula 

Or try Garyella... No probably best to leave that one.


Congratulations and Good Luck.

Congrats to you both!


Enjoy every minute!

Congrats, is it your first child?



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