Dear All,


I know this is off topic or not sport related (yet) but I've been blessed with a beautiful baby girl.


Just wanted to share my joy with my fellow reds .


Tried sneaking a footie name in but the wife was having none of it.


Have already bought her a baby Utd kit.


Not getting any sleep but who cares.



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Yes, first child
My first was born by emergency c section n while my wife was getting put back together I just stood holding my little girl for an hour looking at her n it only felt like minutes, shes 3 now n they get better with age! I'm banned from any united kits for her tho as my wife is a city fan! congrats :-D

Mine was born naturally. When she came out, she cried for like 2 seconds, she was given to her mum. I swear, she smiled and stopped crying. I took her in my arms and held her for God knows how long. All I remember is the midwife taking my wife to the ward and me being kicked out of the hospital at about 3am. She was born at 2307.


It was hard leaving her in the hospital with her mum. Was there the next day bright and early. It truly is a wonderful experience. Still not getting any sleep but I do not care.


Need to watch her, members of my family have a thing for Arsenal fans, don't know why



I have 2 little girls the best thing that ever happend to me.

Congratulations :D
Congratulation,you must have grinned from ear to ear.You wont be getting enough sleep though,anyway all the best.

Many congrats to you and your wife - that's fantastic news.


Good luck with getting some sleep in in the next few months.

Her name's Annie, named after my mum
Your amongst friends.  You can admit it.  She's named after Annie Eaves isn't she?
Well, won't mind if she's got Annie Eaves wit but she's named after my mum. Scouts honour

Congratulations to you and Mrs Daredevil, and young Kaystande/Warwickrhoda/Treblina etc. :)


Actually, surely Georgina, Denise, or Roberta was worth a try? If the good lady was tired after her exertions and not paying attention, you might have got away with one of those! Bryana, Erica, Alexis, Petra...damned if I can think of a feminine version of Matt, though.


Every best wish to the little one, and good luck to you two. From what I hear, you can expect to get a decent night's sleep again in about 2029. But you're starting her off right, and that's what counts!



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