Well, we have all had a few hours of sleep to calm down and reflect.

After watching the highlites and the match live, I really think it was an even game.

We froze first half allowing Fulham to play the passing game they like to play.


Apart from that defensive mistake from Hutton, gone missing, they created nothing.They should of been down to 10 men, half finished.

Fulham 1 up.

Second half we were dominant, Fulham froze, we created 3 good chances but nothing else.

Jack didn' take them

The free header or the maradonna dribble with a kick the floor finish.

We should of had Jack sent off.

Same half as what Fulham had in the first.

Not Bruce' s fault the error other wise it would of been extra time pens for two even teams.

I believe we would struggle in the Prem like 12 other teams, like what Fulham and Cardiff will do but we will never know.

I hope we keep Bruce as he almost got the job done.

it would of been a hell of a job considering the mess he inherited 18 months ago.

We need stability as we are still a frail club.

I know Greek will slaughter me on that but now the old players will leave, the youth fringe players will get a go and it could be an excting season ahead.

If after 10 games we are average then yes bring a new coach in.

Yes the prem would of been good but it wasn'  to be.

Bring on next season as this has been the best season for almost 8 years.

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Sorry Brisbane, I cannot agree with you that Bruce should stay.

He was appointed because he had experience of getting promotion, he failed not only to be in an automatic place but he also failed to recognise what was going on yesterday. He should have changed things much earlier, I thought Kodjia should have been on much earlier if not starting.

I can’t take another season of Bruce style crap, he has youngsters who don’t even make the bench, he has filled our team with players of yesteryear on the basis they have been there, done it.

Well Bruce they didn’t do it and neither did you.

Go and sit on the beach in Portugal and give us all a break.

I agree Brissie with most of your comments but didnt see it as an even game Fulham got it exactly right ! & were in my opinion the better organised team & deserved their place in the EPL.

Bruce was brought in to do a specific job - stop the rot - organise us to play as a team,eventually he got that dead right BUT he failed miserably with tactics & team selection ?

A lot of his signings have been questionable but some have been 1st class !

As you say Brissie & with hindsight I agree, with stability & the only choice the manager will have is to give the kids a run - with that thought, I am of course disappointed at missing out but inwardly pleased that the youth of this great club will be given the chance now to build for the future.

Even with this prat still in charge ? I am looking forward to next season.

a couple of other chat sites are asking the should Bruce stay or go, like you say Greek many have said he came in to steady the ship. He has done this to great effect but sadly, the nice bloke, which he is has failed in the footie department.

on vital over 80% want a new fresher, forward thinking coach with Dennis Smith being mentioned.

Got to be honest I love what he has done with Brentford, they play Football like Fulham.

he did this at Walsall, so I would be happy with him if Bruce is to leave.

perhaps me wanting him to stay is because of how bad it was before he came, the job he has done etc.

yes I agree our style of play is very dated but I thought , still think he would get us up with in 3 seasons.

It ain't down to us, it's down to the club. Which it has to be. The club claims to have a vision of where we're going; that may be true or it may be tosh. If they have, then I think they have to go forwards with a manager which fits that vision.

Is it Bruce? I'd have said not, but I don't know their thinking. In a sense Bruce was a short cut to get back to the PL, and in that it's failed. Maybe they should have gone in the direction of Wolves and Fulham and appointed a manager who has the ability to play good football AND get results.

To me Bruce has failed too often when it mattered. We bought a load of players in January 2017; the reason given was that it was getting the players we needed in early. In practice he didn't seem to know how to use them, and nearly all of those have ended up on the bench, if they're lucky. He ditched them for bargain-basement experience last summer. That hasn't really worked either; with the exception of Snoddy none of those addressed our problems in attack. Grabban in this January was OK, but we still don't have a good enough approach up front.

We need to do better next season. I can't see it under Bruce.

McP - I wish I could be as fluent as you !

Agreed whole heartedly with your appraisal !

Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I wish we could turn the clock forward to see what our team is for the first match of next season.

There will be lots of talk on this and other forums, twitter etc speculating as to what will happen.

Is our financial situation as bad as some are saying (worst case I have seen is that we will have to sell Grealish). Or is the situation being blown out of proportion. the players on contracts, presumably will stay unless decent offers come in. We will of course lose, Snoddy, Johnstone, Grabban and Onomah. Is Terry defo done? Most likely I guess.

So with what we have left do we have enough to make a serious challenge? I would say with decent coaching and an attacking gameplan yes. With maybe the addition of one or two loans if we can get them.

So the question then becomes is Bruce the man to deliver this?

This is where I am in a quandary. To keep changing boss is suicide, but I am intrigued by the thought of Dean Smith. He does play the kind of football we all want. He is allegedly a Villa fan and used to working on a budget.

Can our kids step up? I think for sure the midfield lads could and maybe RHM, not sure about the defenders.

So time will tell what the future holds, with or without Bruce, with or without money, I will always be a Villan.


One thing we have to avoid is changing manager in mid season. There should be no need for it. No "give Bruce another go and ditch him if there's no improvement". He's had plenty of opportunity to show what he's about. If the club is convinced he's the man for another season, then keep him for the season, or at least until we've given up hope of promotion. If they're not convinced, ditch.

We need the decision taken now, get transfers sorted out as soon as possible, and get the benefits of a full pre-season with whoever is manager. We need to hit the ground running this time.

I think one of the biggest mistakes of Bruce was the way he handled transfers last summer and the previous January. The idea was that the January signings were the summer signings done early, so that they were ready for the following season and with a full pre-season to boot. But Bruce lost faith with most of them pretty early, and when the summer came he had a load of fresh signings to bed in, and little benefit from the January signings.

I think one reason why the club refused to spend last summer was that they thought Bruce had spent the money in January and ought to make use of that. He got around that by scrabbling around for loans. A mess. Whatever, most of the first half of the season was getting players bedded in, while the January signings sat on the bench. When players like Hourihane, or even Hutton, had a chance it was by luck; it was forced on Bruce.

So, for me, get another manager in quick and give him that pre-season.

I absolutely agree, Bruce had one brief win the league and get promotion, fall back was get into the top 6 and win the pay offs. He has failed on both and as McP said with high cost players warming the bench.

Its not good enough this league is littered with big names who didn't do that and are now stuck here  I believe that this coming season is our last chance otherwise we are stuck here.

Bruce has to go I have no preference as to his successor except not Moyes or Fat Sam. Dean Smith seems a good shout but remember that Lambert was that when we took him from Norwich so on that basis I would get some foreign chap in and change our style completely.

But whichever way it goes it must be with our Bruce

Wouldn't rule out Moyes at all. Bottom line: he's a better manager than Bruce, and he's achieved a lot more than Bruce. I think he'd fit in pretty welI. I think he should be on the shortlist. If there is a shortlist.

To be honest, wouldn't rule out Sam either. However, I suspect there are other candidates who would be preferred. Dean Smith? Maybe.

At the moment, there are quite a lot of options. Good time to change.

I firmly believe that Bruce has to go for us to progress but let’s not lose sight of the others responsible for this mess.

Keith Wyness has been in charge for all the time we have been out of the Prem, he has been responsible for the appointment of both Roberto Di Matteo and Steve Bruce he has also overseen the purchase of McCormack etc. and all the French lot, leaving us facing losses as they are sorted out

I am sure he is a decent chair but as an ex Everton man, if he were to appoint fat Sam I will give up completely, some goes for Moyes, McPs assertion that he is a better manager than Bruce is a very low bar indeed.

Bruce has been far from a disaster, but still not good enough. If he has a game plan it seems he doesn't get it across. Too often his teams have no belief in going forwards, except maybe in desperation towards the end of a match. Whatever, I don't think he's a very low bar. But Moyes would be better at going out and winning matches.

Don't think Wyness had anything to do with Di Matteo. They both arrived at the club at the same time. He and Round must have had the major part in appointing Bruce, and were responsible for keeping him this long. Maybe Xia should have put his foot down at the end of Bruce's first season. On the other hand, with severe limits on transfer funds, maybe Bruce was the best they thought they could do.

What is unkown is how the finances have worked out. On the one hand they've limited how much Bruce can spend on transfers, rightly in my view. On the other hand the papers are full on how high our wage bill is, which is puzzling if it's right. But is it?If Terry is going and Gabby has already gone, that must be about £16m off the wage bill. Is it right after that?



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