I've received a number of texts in the last hour or two saying that, "United are out of the cup". I replied, "I know we're out of the cup. We were beaten by Crystal Palace on Wednesday". To which a few of my mates replied, "You're out of the FA Cup". Now am I missing something here, because I had no idea that we were even playing today? Could somebody please tell me what happened because I can't seem to find any information on the game?


In all seriousness though, you would think by the way that some people were talking after the FA Cup draw today, City had beaten us already and by a heavy scoreline also. They're saying that we've got absolutely no chance and we might as well not turn up. I know this has a lot to do with the fact that we were badly beaten 6-1 at home by City back in October and ever since that game these people have jumped on "the tide is turning" bandwagon but come on. Talk about an overreaction to a freak result that will never happen again.


City are a terrific side, the best in the league as they've proved so far this season because they've won most of their games with ease and style however as teams like Bayern Munich, Napoli, Liverpool and even ourselves in the Community Shield in August have shown, they're not untouchable and they are certainly beatable.


Don't forget now that in the first half of both the Community Shield and the Premier League game at Old Trafford, we were the better side and looked relatively comfortable up until they scored on both occasions and once we went down to 10 men in the league game, a defeat seemed more or less inevitable in my opinion though nobody could have envisaged us conceding 6 goals in the process and the way in which we collapsed in the last 10 minutes or so. The manager called it the worst performance from a side that he'd ever managed or played in and I think we can safely say that he'll never allow anything like that to happen again.


Now I'm not going to arrogantly say that we'll beat City just because of the way they inflicted defeat on us in October because it'll be difficult, very difficult, I know that, but we'll be well prepared for this game, the manager will bloody well make sure of it and it'll be a lot closer as a contest than it was in the Premier League and hopefully by the time the game comes around we'll have all our best players available because that is what these games are about.

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Are some of those mates Liverpool fans?  If so, you should return the comment since we have them in the League cup.

Somethings definitely amiss though, Man Utd away from home?  To a good side?  And, we get a "comfortable" draw too...?

It was a good draw for Liverpool as we play the semi first leg days after the fa cup and we will be prioritising the utd game I presume
Beats having derbies at Macclesfield 

...and the FA Cup game is days after playing us in the league too.  Liverpool > Man Utd > Liverpool in the space of eights days, all at home though.

Im delighted we got City - good chance to knock them out


and if we get beaten again, who knows, it might cause Fergie to spend a few pennies in Jan!


the luck we're having with injuries recently has been appalling

I agree with WP, I think it's a good draw. The way City are playing you'd have to say they are favourites to win the cup so it doesn't really matter when we play them. If we're not going to win the cup then we might as well get knocked out early so that we can focus on the league. On the other hand, if we do beat City, then that will give the squad/fans a lift and make amends for the league thrashing.


PS I can't see Fergie making any signings in Jan no matter what happens unfortunately...or if he does he'll probably sign a a GK, a CB, a winger or a striker because CMs don't exist out there apparently...they died out with the megalodon.

I like this article, was beginning to think it was just me. Of course we can beat them and I personally think we will though part of me yearns for a nigh time replay at Old Trafford which we win on penalties.



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