The farcical voting system for the PFA awards needs to stop

Who is the best goalkeeper so far this year? There's a few in with a shout, Joe Hart will probably deserve it should his Manchester City team win the league. 

Who is the best right back? Difficult one that, Kyle Walker is often trotted out as an obvious choice but may be a little overrated, if Sagna can get perform great until the end of the season and Tottenham continue to stutter then he could edge it.

Other positions can be even more complicated so it's best to wait until all the games have been played before deciding on who we proclaim the best in each position this season. That just makes sense, except the Professional Footballers Association don't see it that way.

All players must have their votes in by the end of March and clubs request them earlier in order to achieve this deadline. Michael Owen yesterday tweeted that Manchester United cast their votes last week, so players are judging an entire season just three quarters of the way through with the most important weeks still to come.

With modern technology enabling people to give instant and secure decisions on almost everything, surely some system could easily be set up to ensure players can vote quickly and easily. Would it really be that hard? Then players could vote on an entire season with the added benefit of having seen which players were pivotal at the business end of the campaign. 

As it stands all votes are sent to Beever and Struthers, a chartered accountancy firm in Manchester who are appointed as official 'scrutineers' - they are the only people allowed to handle the ballot papers and they then give the decision direct to the PFA. This obviously won't come cheap and seems an almost archaic method of collating and counting votes for the PFA awards. 

Perhaps it's time the PFA got up to speed with modern life and implemented a system for next year which means the 2012/2013 PFA players and teams of the year actually represent the full season rather than just three quarters of it. 

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Agree with your argument in principle but at the end of March the league will be about 7/8 matches to go & no amount of performance is really going to change perceptions that much.

Agree though a better way could be formulated

I think it is right to do the poll at this point in the season. The pressure at the end of the season tends to warp performances and perceptions of them. I think the natural environment for a player is the early part of a season, then you see who is up for it, who is willing to put in a shift. At the end of the season you're really judging stamina and ability to handle pressure.



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