Good news about Jack signing a new contract. For me the main things are what it says about Jack's attitude and the owners' intentions. 5 year contract doesn't mean he'll be here for 5 years. It does mean that the club is in a stronger position in dealing with predatory clubs like Spurs. It buys us time in allowing Jack time to developing with us, time to put in place the sort of team which should allow him to flourish. Thankfully the owners can see we need to hang onto whatever talent we've got.

Bad news Monday has gone and Bruce is still here. Inept doesn't cover it. We ought to beat Bristol C on Friday, even with our current form, but that wouldn't affect the underlying problem. And there is the real possibility of us losing. Would that be the final straw? Are the owners taking soundings on who might replace him? Nobody knows. Bruce may be able to spin a convincing line, but I can't see him fooling people of that experience.

The Ugly? It really seems a major mess to me. We have to many players but an unbalanced squad with gaps particularly in defence. In defence we have a CB loanee Tuanzebe who gets played anywhere but CB. Jedinak is touted as a CB but just doesn't know the job. Looks like we have an experienced and capable player Kodjia in attack competing for a place with a talented but raw Abraham; the two of them could form a partnership but the way they play it seems no work has been done on that partnership. Adomah is being shipped out one moment then finds himself slotted back in. El Ghazi hardly gets a look in. Bolassie isn't anywhere near fit. Players like Lansbury are nowhere to be seen, Barney just makes the bench and Hourihane is in and out. A shambles for somebody to sort out, some time or other.

I'm praying for a new manager. This is depresssing.

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I just cant understand how it's been allowed to get this far into the season and he is still at the helm.

We are going to miss out on a promoting chance, with no clear cut great teams like the last couple of seasons the longer we keep him.

I know and agree that there are no easy teams in this league but we all believe we are at least 6 points off what we should be, and that's being generous.

One of our owners owned or owns a Belgium club do he knows the game.Hasn't he seen first hand or herd how bad it is?

He must be handed feedback from one of his men at the club.

As for JG, yes it's good that if we do sell then we will have a good buy out clause but why does a player of his age still need development.

Yes I know he has to learn plays, positions etc but he should be showing more in the games than what he actually has.

His goal ratio for a forward thinking player is worse than Hesky.

I get he runs about freeing up other players but so do many players.

We can blame Bruce on many things but Jack needs to step up more.

I know some wont agree etc but that's my opinion.


Jack is at the core of most of our effective moves. His pass to Kodjia for Abraham's first goal is an example. Combine the passes plus the free-kicks he gets in dangerous positions, and he's our most creative player. I don't expect much improvement unless the team as a whole improves.

Seem's to me that keeping Bruce's as manager at Villa is now without doubt doing more harm than good to our Club and its promotion prospects not to mention the damage what he is doing to players confidence by continuing to play them out of position .

He may well have a good record at getting promotion from the championship but his past will not gaurentee Villa's promotion after last week's shambles i definitely thought he would begone by now .

A new manager us required fast to save our season just get it done sooner rather than later. 



Full house at Ashton gate.

Obviously all are coming to see the incredible football that Aston Villa are renowned for playing or is it because they can see themselves giving us a good kicking.

I dont want us to lose as we need to stay with the pack but I really think it's the only way Bruce will be removed.


For Bruce please .how 

Half time 1-1 thanks to Bjarnason a man who usually cannot get a game with Bruce.

Bruce out

What more is there to say 

No surprise but Jedi at fault for the first goal! Yet another different formation. At least we’ve equalised but against the run of play. Can’t see why El Ghazi doesn’t get a look in as he looked good before.

1-1 what a disappointment.

Bruce out now!

How many more games do we have to suffer this crap no more excuses get rid of Bruce now or kiss good by to straight promotion or by play offs .



Preston next, our 11th match of the season. It was playing Preston on the the 11th match of the season which did for RDM. Do you think lightning could strike twice?

If we don't beat Preston, it would be appalling. Stuck on the bottom, defence seems worse than ours.

You all know the score. We will beat Preston (maybe 2-1) with another woeful performance and he will keep his job for another couple of games. He will do just enough.

The owners need to step up and show some ambition Bruce is not it. I always want us to win, but if a defeat to Preston saw the end of Bruce then I would buy in. Sorry to say that.

Preston and Millwall next up and they are the bottom two so, if we don’t get 6 points, it has to be the end for Bruce. International break straight after I think so a good time for a new manager.



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