The Guardian ran an interview with ex-England boss (in case anyone has forgotten...) Sven-Goran Eriksson, right at the end, he said we need an winter break to have a chance of reaching the Semi-Finals of a major tournament internationally.

So, that's another fairly big name chalked up to cries that our footballers need a couple of weeks of when it gets a little nippy outside. And it is, in my opinion, another call for a bad move.

I have a few reasons for really not wanting this holiday for the players, and they will be listed thus:-

1) Will it really help? Well, other nations do it, Italy being a major one, and they win, but... they're Italy. They are have far better players than we do so can be expected to do better anyway. Is it really the break that helps? Or is it the players they have?

2) Will it be utilised by the players? Will our international players happily sit at home, put their feet up and play along to Countdown? Or will they go out to clubs, get wasted, generally act like an excessively rich man in his 20's? This is probably a bit of a generalisation I know, but I can see a few of the major players falling into this trap.

3) Won't it just push the season a couple of weeks back, and thus closer to the tournament? The winter break doesn't reduce the amount of game time a player plays, it just moves it around. Personally, if I was a professional footballer, I'd like a couple of weeks off after the season to recover a little. I don't see how having a break, and then playing another 4-5 months of football is going to mean the international players will zip up and down the pitch in internationals.

4) Better options are probably available. For example, can't we cut down on the amount of international friendly 'matches'. Instead, play a league game in its place, end the season about 3 weeks earier, and get the England squad training together a lot earlier - hopefully developing a better team understanding and allowing them to relax for longer before the tournaments.

5) Finally, do we really care about international success? For me, the loss of weeks of PL football for a "Semi final" place (as Sven says we can reach with this wonder break) is really not worth it. As a United fan, I look forward to the weekend when I know we're playing, I'd hate not to have that during the winter, as well as the couple of months in the summer which we already have.

So, there's my arguments, debate them, tear them apart, back them up, nod thoughtfully and grunt appreciatively. What's your opinion on the Winter Break??

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Simply No... don't want it, don't need it.

in theory it works in practice that is impossible... How many games did Hoddle manage England and in all that time he never got to pick what he considered to be his "Best XI"... 

You're looking at a core of 16 players, but then what happens when 2 years in to that project the English Messi is discovered? It's about the system of play and everyone understanding their role within it... look at spain... pull out Iniesta drop in Silva... different players both understand the system and in time they with grow to know each other strengths and weakness but they learn that in training not in the game... that is where they should utilise what the do know about their team mates... 

They may well do, I didn't check or anything before I wrote, but I think my point still stands. Even if we did start earlier (let's say 1 August, rather than around the 10th). A two week holiday is still going to eat into any break a player gets after the season, so effectively, we start earlier, but end around the same time. I think perhaps the PL should start earlier, and stay the same length of time for two reasons,
1) Ends earlier, more time to rest up before a tournament 

and 2) By maintaining the length of the season, we can still retain the Tuesday games, which for me and i'd think many others, are the best. 



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