You have to be fairly hard to get in a ring in the first place (unless you are FMJ), but one guy that stands out above all the rest as being one hard son of a bitch is Marcos Maidana;


The guy even has a gun pointed to his never regions, that is how hard Marcos Maidana is!


What a fight Maidana vs Eddie Valero would have been. One bomb after another, South American pride at stake. Maidana would have won that as well imho.


A granite chin. A body so hard that he recovered from a brilliant body shot by Khan to last the 12 rounds, and a Hayemaker that could KO anyone in his weight division. If it wasn't for the Wizard Roach's magical superior will, Khan would have been another victim of Maidana.


I fear for Morales' life vs Maidana. One bomb and he could be seeing stars Hatton style.

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Why has he got that gun pointing to his manhood?
The more i look at it, the more i want that tattoo.
I'd say stop looking at it then!
I'm no fan of tattoo's, but that is very good/clever!

I'd find a tattoo like that very distracting.  Would that be a good thing?

I reckon I could take him lol



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