Fellow reds, we’ve got a game against you know who on Saturday. Our allocation was reduced for this game so our fantastic away support won’t be as large but will still do us proud.

We actually had a fantastic record at Anfield but have been poor there recently due to strange team selections by the great man SAF.

2 years ago we had Carrick and Scholes in midfield and last year we had Carrick, Scholes and Giggs again in midfield and were overrun on both occasions. Which I believe was primarily responsible for our poor displays on those days and subsequent defeats.

As we approach this game, I must admit, I’m concerned about what team we put out on the day especially in midfield. I’m also concerned about how we deal with Suarez. I’m not overly concerned about Carroll, Adam, Henderson or Downing.

In my opinion, we can’t keep losing to them and something’s got to give on the day. We are great going forward with proper balance to our attack but our defending recently has been a concern.

Hopefully Vida is back and not sure if we need to rush Smalling into this game. Fabio would be ideal but with him playing in Brazil, I’m not so sure. Putting Valencia at RB is not the best use of his talents.

I think Liverpool are vulnerable in defence and we have the pace and power to exploit this but we do not need to concede stupid goals.

My team for the day would be as follows, what do you guys think?


De Gea

Fabio – Rio – Vidic – Evra (please play well and concentrate on defending)

Nani – Carrick – Anderson – Young

Rooney – Welbeck (Hernandez can come on at about 70 mins, by then Carragher would be spent)

I’m cautiously optimistic about this game and feel our poor record will end on Saturday.

May the best team (Utd) win .

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We both have a suspect defence at the minute, I think it will be a case of who scores more.  Unfortunately for us Liverpool fans, your attack looks better and I think it will be a Man Utd win.


Anyone got the recent results between us to hand...?  Last ten games...?  I'm at work so not got the time to research.

I'd go.... (if people are fit)


De Gea

Smalling/Jones, Rio, Vidic, Evra

Carrick, Ando, Cleverley

Nani, Rooney, Young

I'd go with that starting XI too.

If I was to be pedantic (which boredom at work is bringing me too), the CM three would be;

Cleverley Carrick Anderson

I expect Kenny to go with:


Johnson - Carragher - Skrtel - Enrique

Kuyt - Lucas - Adam - Downing

Carroll - Suarez


I'd pick:



Johnson - Carragher - Skrtel - Enrique

Gerrard - Lucas - Adam

Suarez           -           Bellamy



(I really dislike Skrtel but without Agger, he is our best option for this game)

I'd prefer playing Downing to Bellamy too


Kuyt is almost always MOTM against us aswell, so don't play him


If we match you formation-wise, I can see us winning. IF we go 442 and you don't the best we can hope for is a draw imo. I think our team may be fresher with most of your team playing again tonight and only Evra featuring in international football this evening.

And Nani and now possibly Vidic.
Anyone know what happened/ is happening with Fabio. He only ten minutes of his debut for Brazil before coming off injured and I haven't heard anything since.

This is all I've seen

"Fabio, meanwhile, had his Brazil debut cut short by injury as the five-time World Cup winners defeated Costa Rica by a solitary goal.

However, the youngster's situation is likely to be less of a worry for United as he walked down the tunnel seemingly without serious trouble."


There is doubts about Evra who was substituted at HT for France.

What is it with those twins! Perhaps he broke a nail.
I wonder if there is a relation to distance between them and when they get their injuries (Rafael's concussion asside)? They are very close.
Vidic may play against Slovenia tonight which can only be a good thing in my opinion, as long as he doesn't get injured of course!
We have really missed Vidic.



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