Fellow reds, we’ve got a game against you know who on Saturday. Our allocation was reduced for this game so our fantastic away support won’t be as large but will still do us proud.

We actually had a fantastic record at Anfield but have been poor there recently due to strange team selections by the great man SAF.

2 years ago we had Carrick and Scholes in midfield and last year we had Carrick, Scholes and Giggs again in midfield and were overrun on both occasions. Which I believe was primarily responsible for our poor displays on those days and subsequent defeats.

As we approach this game, I must admit, I’m concerned about what team we put out on the day especially in midfield. I’m also concerned about how we deal with Suarez. I’m not overly concerned about Carroll, Adam, Henderson or Downing.

In my opinion, we can’t keep losing to them and something’s got to give on the day. We are great going forward with proper balance to our attack but our defending recently has been a concern.

Hopefully Vida is back and not sure if we need to rush Smalling into this game. Fabio would be ideal but with him playing in Brazil, I’m not so sure. Putting Valencia at RB is not the best use of his talents.

I think Liverpool are vulnerable in defence and we have the pace and power to exploit this but we do not need to concede stupid goals.

My team for the day would be as follows, what do you guys think?


De Gea

Fabio – Rio – Vidic – Evra (please play well and concentrate on defending)

Nani – Carrick – Anderson – Young

Rooney – Welbeck (Hernandez can come on at about 70 mins, by then Carragher would be spent)

I’m cautiously optimistic about this game and feel our poor record will end on Saturday.

May the best team (Utd) win .

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I'm actually feeling quietly confident about Saturday which is unusual because I hardly ever feel confident ahead of a game at Anfield but I think we're due a good performance and a good result of some sort. If we don't manage to get all 3 points, I don't think a draw would be a bad result to be honest because that's one of our most difficult games of the season out of the way and we would still be top or at least below City on goal difference if they beat Villa.


If Vidic is back, then that'll be a huge boost to the defence even though Anfield hasn't been one of his favourite grounds of late. I agree with the OP's team expect for Fabio at right back. I don't know how serious his injury was but I'd play Jones or Valencia at right back instead and if Cleverley is fit, I'd play him instead of Carrick. Other than that, it looks good to me.


I had a cheeky punt at trying to get a ticket for this game but I knew there was absolutely no chance in hell especially when our allocation had been reduced to just under 2000 which is ridiculous for a game like this.

I'm a bit nervous if truth be told but then I always am ahead of these games.

Me too. Truth be told, the buzz I get when we play Liverpool is immense. I do not get the same buzz when we play City.


Guess when you've had bricks and excrement thrown at you by scousers, it leaves a lasting impression

Have a feeling both managers will opt for a straight-up punch-out, open attacking play. Which is entertaining to watch but a little depressing to see your side's attitude to defending summed up in the terms "fuck it".

Don't know why United won't treat this game in the same manner as an away match in Europe. Possibly because Pool aren't in Europe...? 

I see nothing more than a typical anfield win for Liverpool.

Hopefully we dont loose badly.

We seem to have mixed runs at Anfield; I remember at the turn of the century United just could not beat Liverpool. Skip forwards to Rafa's era, and they won continuously, with a record of 4 wins and a draw in 5 matches at Anfield at one stage. We've lost the last 3, but injuries have played their part in previous years as the OP stated.

I still remember that awful match where Rooney was stuck out on right wing....

Shame about Cleverley. I guess that means 4-4-2 then. I'd prefer 4-3-3, even trying out Jones as a holding player alongside Fletcher & Anderson (they don't offer enough cover on their own) but I suspect Fergie will go out all guns blazing tomorrow. Please no Carrick - Anfield is amongst the places he tends to play worst. Giving the no. 7 shirt to Owen was almost as bad as giving Keane's shirt to him.


On a side note, I really hope there is no negative chanting tomorrow with regards to Hillsborough, Heysel, Munich etc. Some of the chants appearing nowadays are genuinely sickening (the Adebayor and Puerta one's come to mind) but there still remains this despicable continuation in singing derogatorily about dead people and United fans are amongst the worst. Here's hoping they'll heed SAF's request.

Team news:


Nemanja Vidic could start after completing 90 minutes for Serbia during the week.


Chris Smalling should be fit to play, however Tom Cleverley and Rafael are both out. Good news on Rafael though, he has began full training.


My team for tomorrow would be:


------------------------------------De Gea--------------------------------









Team sounds good to me Gaz, though my better half suspects Lindegaard will be in goal as he says he will cope with Carroll better than De Gea.  We shall see!



I suspect it will be an attacking approach by both managers so, in theory, the best attack wins.  Unfortunately, I know which side has the better attack!


Oh, and just to really annoy me, I can't watch it either.  Will have to settle for radio 



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