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If like me you are boycotting Sky/poor here is the link;


Excellent quality.


Is this the turning point in McIlroy's career or will he be trumped at the final hurdle?

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How can you boycott SKY? HOW? WHY? HOW DO YOU BREATHE?

Everything that is on Sky i can view by other means, i don't lose any sleep at night :) (apart from Boardwalk Empire, that i do lose sleep over)


Pinky and Perky do look a right pair in that pic, i'm sure they both want to be the new Ronald McDonald

Jimmy, if ever you want to pic a pic then let me know!  I went away from novelty after the kangaroo.  However it does make you sick to see kids playing at the Masters doesn't it.


I don't play golf but if I did I reckon I'd still feel I could make it even when I was 50.  It's one of those sports where the margins are so thin.

I've got about 11 or 12 episodes of Boardwalk recorded. I've only watched up to episode 5. It's just brilliant isn't it?

Your HD images are spiffing.


I play golf, not pro courses but have played at Heaton Park a few times. The game is harder than it looks.

Oooh, I'm going there for a picnic on Monday should it be nice. No golf though.
I'm getting fed up with this Amen Corner on the red button at the bottom right hand side of the screen that keeps popping up, it just won't go away!

Tiger 'lost in the' Woods.


See what I did there?

Could Rory win it?  Thoughts? 

Has anyone ever held the lead over the 4 days and won it?

I think it will be like the British Open.


Beaten on the final round.



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