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Is this the turning point in McIlroy's career or will he be trumped at the final hurdle?

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Have either of you tried to customise your page with the new thing made available?

Yes I spent some time with it earlier. :)


One thing I want to know is how to change the light blue bit that fades into white below the create and debate about what matters to you. Any suggestions?

It depends which one you're using.

I'm not using a set theme, just customizing things here and there in the customize bit.


I just want the blue bit that fades into white to be a red bit that fades into white. :)

Ha, I did a lot of work on changes, and then it crashed. LOL


So I did it again, saving after each, but couldn't remember exactly what I'd done. It seems feature-rich, so no doubt I'll figure it out before too long.

Has anyone told Wishi yet?  When she gets going with the new feature it will rival the hadron collider.

Great shot by Rory.

Woods and Westwood are just starting to creep up from behind.
Woods is looking worryingly good.

I don't understand anything about Golf, but I've had some luck with betting on it in the past. :D


Would love to see Rory McIlroy win it, but how hard is it when you've never won a major on that last day when someone is breathing down your neck, I'll bet that's scary.



Completely off topic but I've just realised my Joey Barton article made the SW home page, bonus!
It was right on the top for a bit mate! 



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