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If like me you are boycotting Sky/poor here is the link;


Excellent quality.


Is this the turning point in McIlroy's career or will he be trumped at the final hurdle?

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Shows how much I look at the home page lol


Got my bookmark set to take me straight to the most recent comments.

He's going to captain Newkie in Nolan's absence. The new kinder and gentler Joey Barton!

I'm running a 3gb W7 rig and i've just clicked on the Augusta live scoreboard and it crashed my internet.




My page has been updated, i know style.

It's not you Jimmy. Many journos were saying too. Crashed my computer yesterday.

I run flash, fireworks, dreamweaver, bridge and Photoshop all the time. Fine.

That site. Crashed the lot.
Stream link updated
It's on BBC 2 tonight for some reason at 20:30. Why not BBC 1? It means you can watch it on HD then.

wow this sky coverage is pap.


Monty looks about as comfortable as a pimp in a gay bar.

BBC1 got MOTD lol.
Full coverage doesn't start til half 8 but for some reason Sky have decided to start at 7:30.
And they've been talking b******s throughout.
Hmm methinks this is McIlroy's to lose.

He had a really good round tonight. A 4 shot lead? Surely nobody's catching that. If he keeps playing the way he has been for the last 3 days, he'll definetely do it.


Come on Rory!



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