I'll be honest, i stopped believing in England's chances of winning anything a long time ago.

We seem to have had the players for years but there is no togetherness at all.

Every time a world cup/euro championship comes around the country and the countries media latch on to 1 of our players (Rooney being the most recent) an laud him as the best in the world.

We as a team always end up as a laughing stock as we proclaim that this is our time, but our time just never comes.


So what is it England have been lacking?

Do the media put too much pressure on our lads?

Have we in reality not ever had the players to challenge for a trophy?

Or is there something else that holds us back?


I have missed quite a few internationals as it is getting annoying that the media predict us to win games against the might of Algeria and we draw. Never really entertaining either. the last entertaining England game i saw was in the world cup we lost to Argentina with our "world beater" David Beckham!


So where do you guys think we are going wrong?


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I don't think it's quite as bad as people make out to be honest.  Germany were widely regarded as one of the World Cups best teams and we went out to them and could say we were unlucky with the goal that never was.


If that had counted then we'd have come baxck from 2-0 to make it 2-2 and the game would have been in our hands.  Instead we reacted to that by chasing and leaving great big gaps.


Why Upson has ever been near an England team I just don't know.


I think all teams going into tournaments need to have a belief, that's normal for professional sportsmen.  I personally feel in this country we have a major problem with our fans and they do much more harm than good.

I think the problem lies in the top clubs use English players to compliment the foreign talent and it's rarely vice versa so when it comes to the major championships we have plenty of huff and puff but very little else.From Rooney to lampard to Milner we have workrate but at the top level that's not going to be enough.Until the likes of Wilshire have teams built around their ability,the problem will continue to fester and the media will continue to extol the virtues of Scott Parker whilst missing the big picture totally.Barcelona have given everyone, from junior coaches to national managers,a benchmark and a vision for the future to aspire to.But until the likes of Stuart Pearce and the dinosaur coaching is changed then on a world stage English football will be about as relevant as class war rioting is to the posh boys and girls at the weekend

You can't blame the management 100% but you can put the vast majority of it on Mr Capello and previously Mr McClaren and Mr Sven too.  I purely say this due to putting square pegs in round holes.


The players we had in the summer were good enough to get further than they did.  Fair enough, we went out to a good German side but we shouldn't have been playing them in the first place!

Thing is, I think it's our fault we get the wrong managers as well.
I wanted Redknapp as England manager prior to Capello AND McClaren!

Oh well aren't you the know all ;)


Read this:



To be fair, not really much debate when it comes to Redknapp or McClaren lol

Don't see what any manager can achieve until the whole structure is addressed.
A transfer tax in the premier league of say 5 % to fund a school coaching programme similar to the way the ECB has introduced coaching in cricket which has enabled the national side flourish,alas there is not the same level of money in cricket to do it comprehensively as you could do with football.The labour governments non competitive sport ethos in schools has as much to blame for this nations lack of success,it's a national disgrace in my opinion
Paul, you sound at your wits end about it.  It is difficult to see how the whole system can be changed though.
Have kids being coached by qualified tossers who get them to hoof it and lump it all day.
They win quite a few games then every now and again get destroyed by a team that pass them to death and nothing ever changes

this is the problem in my opinion.


hoof ball is the problem, we even have had players that can dribble like walcott, lennon, j. cole.  


if used correctly and trained properly then Wiltshire and McEceran will certainly help. But if we continue to use them in a system where we are effectivly still playing hoof ball then there is no point in having them in your team. In short we have wasted about 8 years of talent. We have always had 1 striker that has pulled us through, Lineker, Shearer, Owen and more recently IMO Crouch has scored more important goals than Rooney. Other than that, we have had Gascoine and Beckham to set some up wit some beautiful long passing but who else would you say has stood out for England?


IMO we have not used or as Paul put above trained our players as well as we could have and thus wasted our potential talent.



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