What is Milners best position?


So far in his career he's been used as a Striker, a N.10, a winger and a CM and probably a few times at the back as cover though noit consistantly played in defence or ever been considered a defender.


However what about as Engands right sided answer to Ashley Cole? He has different attributes but he'd just as safe at the back and threat going forward.


Look at the facts, as a attacking player he misses that bit of zip or creative genius, he more than makes up for it with his hard word, never ending running and great professional attitude... he may not be blessed with great ability but boy does he apply what he's got and looks after himself (Health and Financially wise.....)


Could he be an attacking right sided fullback? Consistant, Strong, Disciplined, Hard Working, Comfortable with the ball.... who are his rivals for the spot? G.Johnson... really? M.Richards... less games than Milner!!... K.Walker... No where near ready despite the hype.... erm running out?


Milner I think would be great for England in that spot.


Oh and Cahill should be first pick from now on. Again, Big, Strong, Brave, great reader of the game, quick feet, commanding, great in the air at both ends.... and importnalty not injury prone, consistancy in selection is key at International level IMO,,, let the cogs smooth their mechanism... rotation is fine at clubs where players play with each other every day.


So what do you think?

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I really rate Milner and I think the worst thing he could have done was go to Man City (had this discussion with you before).  He needs to be playing week in, week out.  I honestly think he is good enough to be a first team regular at the likes of Liverpool, Tottenham, Man Utd, Arsenal and maybe Chelsea too.  Mainly at CM but I like him on the wing too.
I think after ripping his black armband off and throwing it to the floor, he's got more things to worry about now too.
As said in the days football thread, I agree he will get repercussions but I don't think he meant anything by it.  Just frustration which I can't blame him for.
Rooney did it when he was a kid, papers ripped him to shreds.
he'll have apologised before the papers go out...



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