This article is for all Villa fan's to share any idea's on how the issue of talent poaching from lower league club's by the top club's in the country can be stopped or at least be reduced .

The recent problem's Villa have had with getting RHM to sign a new deal is one of the reason's for me putting this topic forward .

We have as fan's have seen over the year's many good lower league club's who have assembled a good squad getting decent result's in there league have there squad that they have spent the time and money developing well and truly butchered by the top club's . 

The player's involved in these transfer's have normally a good length of there contact's with that club left but for whatever reason they have there head turned against staying at the club who developed them and move to the bigger club without giving a second to there original club .

This problem is not only a problem for lower league team's but it also happen's on a frequent basis to other premiership club's .

The top club's involved are not short of cash and can pay a transfer fee that most club's find hard to turn down for a player this is when the problem's for that club start they have a well balanced good squad that is performing well but then the big club's come calling and buy up several player's and leave that club a shadow it's former self performance wise .

This is a problem that has been in place in football for so long now it is about time something was done to stop this what this could be is anyone's guess but the slowing down or stopping of cherry picking talent from other team's at the rate it is at the moment would go along ay to close the gap between the top 4/6 club's in the prem and the other's including team's in the lower league's .

This for me could only benefit the game as it would remove the elite status of the top club's and stop them from buying success and harming other club's chance's of success by buying up there best talent .

We then come to the hard part , How could this issue be better managed ? .

My favoured way which will never be accepted by any club or player is that if a player at a club is still in contract a tries to manipulate a move away then they should be removed from all squad's at the club made to sit there contract out and not be given use of any of the club's facilities to train at or any thing else alternatively demand such a high asking price for that player all top club's would run a mile .

The other more reasonable way would be to operate some sort of quota system to be put in place where any club can only transfer in a certain number of player's in each window from each league .

The new player's could then be broken down into sub group's of under 18's , 21's , U.K International's and finally foreign player's with the total number of player's transferred in each window set with a maximum spend for all transfer's in any window dependant on league put in place .

The final thing i feel could work is that if transfer's are made in then a transfer out has to take place similar to a mortgage chain with house's this would limit the squad size for top club's and also make a better quality of player available for other club's to buy .

The annoying thing is we all know that this transfer system will never change where money come's first and club loyalty come's second but we can only hope something is done soon as for me this issue is putting the smaller club's at a disadvantage and giving them a limited chance of future success.



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Good comment Rizla !

But would you have considered writing it if we were a top 6 EPL side ?

Yes i think this would be fair as we would then be a top 6 EPL side on merit and not by bought in talent that cause's problem's with performance for other team's in the prem or other league's .



I'm not worried that much by it, to be honest. There is a pecking order, and a lot of clubs not only lose players but take players from other clubs. If a club is well managed, it copes by several strategies, including:

1) making sure that when a player goes, the club gets more than the player is worth (to the club).

2) the money from sales is wisely invested in new players, both with regards to immediate needs and the future.

3) it has a healthy pool of young talent under development.

The problems which lead to our relegation was not so much the fact we lost Benteke and Delph, but the money we received was appallingly spent. It's not so much that we could have gone out and bought another Benteke or Delph, because such players always would be destined for higher clubs, but we could have bought solid players who would have improved the team as a whole. We had a whole string of players before that who left (Barry, Milner, Young, Downing) where the money wasn't spent in buying the right players. Players like Bent and Benteke were the few instances of where we bought quality, and Bent was devalued by Lambert's attitude.

To put it differently, you can attach too much importance to individual players. If you can't cope when you sell a player, or if that sort of player is out long term through injury, then it's the basic management of the team which is at fault. Southampton manage pretty well in selling players AND managers while taking very little of a hit. Swans used to be the same but seem to have taken their eye off the ball with poor decisions. If Sunderland go down it's poor management, because if Defoe goes or is injured they've had it.

In the case of RHM I'm just not bothered. He may or may not have the potential to become a top player. But the attitude he has spells trouble and I suspect that's coming even if he does sign. It really isn't worth the hassle. Look elsewhere.

The underlying problem is the stupid rule that clubs must have so many home country players in their squads, so they sign a player because he is English and not because he is better than the players they already have.

Delph, Sinclair for example, what did Sinclair achieve sweet fa, and Delph has played only minutes.

Until that rule changes and the rich clubs can sign as many foreign players as they like it will continue to decimate teams such as villa, never mind England players who don't get regular football.

It's the same as the stupid rule to help the viewer (my arse) when they stopped Sky's monopoly of Premier games. At the time you could pay £8 and pick your games on Sky Premier, now you have to subscribe to two providers.

Eventually money spoils everything and will do so in the Premiership sooner or later.



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