John Terry will face the press today as Englands captain ahead of the game tomorrow evening. This will not be the first time JT will go into an England press conference with a dark cloud hovering, however, journos will be unable to ask about the current row over in what context he racially abused Anton Ferdinand.

Suarez last week spoke to the Uruguayan press about his ongoing alleged race insults. Whilst not a wise move in the eyes of the FA, he pleaded his innocence and said the word he used to abuse Evra was not racist, whilst still not teling us what he actually said. I read in online (Guardian) that the reason the dispute is taking so long is the language barrier involved (Suarez interviews carefully translated into Spanish). In the same article the journo gives the impression that which ever "N" word Evra is feeling aggrieved at being called may be socially acceptable in Suarez's native Uruguay.


My questions are;


Seen as JT had admitted he said what we all saw, in live action and minutes later via Twitter/Facebook/Youtube. Should JT be found not guilty of racially abusing Anton, should he not serve some sort of ban for bringing the game into disrepute?


Although Suarez may feel his insult (whatever has been said) is acceptable should he get away scott free? Should he recieve punishment but his background taken into account? Or should the FA give him the full punishment to show him and other coming to play in our leagues exactly what is acceptable/unacceptable in this country?

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My question is do these footballers even care about such racist comments or chanting from the fans?
I mean these guys get paid 80-100k a week and probably won't even bother what some unknown player whom he won't meet again made a racist comment towards him as long as they continue to fill their pockets and lead a 5 star life.
For ex Samuel Eto'o does he even care about the racist chants that are constantly thrown at him by the Russians as long as he continues to the highest paid footballer.
The media and the normal football fan are making a meal out of this situation.
Heck I won't even bother what people sing about me infront of me or behind my back as long as I get paid handsomely.

I think I could speak for just about everyone on this forum when I say, sarcastically, how suprising Red Indian would choose wealth and lifestyle over morals and decency.

There is nothing 5 star about being wealthy and famous! If it was so 5 star, you would not see all these players committing adultery, getting in trouble. And even in some cases when they hang up their boots, in prison or doing drugs! The idea that money and fame is all you need in life is a lie and simply foolish to believe. There are people on this earth with not much more than water and a basic shelter and they are more happy than these famous people. You can get countless examples where famous rich people are on endless amount of anti-depresenants! I thought money and fame is meant to make you "happy"?

Personally I would say Suarez may have a case for a reduced punishment if what he said wasn't insulting in his country, however he should still be punished. In general though, racism should be met with at least a 2 year ban, possibly even a life ban if we're serious about getting racism out of football. That goes for Terry as much as anyone.

If Anton Ferdinand had said the same as JT had said but had called JT a "white c*nt" would he be charged with racism? I doubt it myself. Im not a JT fan in the slightest, really dislike the guy but I cant help but think that he said something stupid in the heat of the moment and it wouldn't have been mentioned if it was the other way round.


no not the same at all.

perhap if you lived in a country where you were the only white man and made to feel inferrior, 2nd or 3rd class citizen?


Separate drinking fountains, toilets, have to sit at the back of the bus, menial jobs, low pay, maybe even a slave ! (all this was happening only a few short decades ago.)

B&Bs advertising not Irish or blacks in their windows ! ( in the 70s !)


Unitl you've experianced it ( which I have and I'm white) you'll never know.  So no its not the same.



but anton wasnt the only black man on the pitch, there were plenty playing on both sides. Yes the past is bad re racism but u can't just keep saying that to validate an argument, it is in the past for a reason. And I have been made to feel an inferior citizen in many ways right from being very young because of various things about who I am and what I do, none of it racist but all of it unpleasant.

sure, but my point was , its just not the same as calling someone a white "c u next tuesday."

John Terry is a most unpleasant character, this isnt the 1st time and not wishing to get on any high horse or elevate any footballers as roll model material, it just doesnt sit right that he is captain of our country.

He's not even a good footballer. Hope he retires soon.



Thers something I will agree with you on!



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