Transfer window well and truly closed. Jack staying. McGinn and Nylan signed. Now we can look forwards to the season ahead. Wigan have being looking good, but we should be looking at a win.

Team: Nyland Tuanzebe Jedinak Chester Hutton Elmo Grealish McGinn Bjarnason, Green Kodjia

Bench: Moreira Taylor Whelan Hourihane Elphick RHM Adomah

A statement of intent. Is this the new Steve Bruce, prepared to change a winning formation? It has its risks, but worth it in the long run.

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Normal service is resumed, Villa 1 Wigan 2

Told you he was a muppet

2-2 own goal he’s still a muppet

3-2 Bjarnason last minute but he is still a muppet.

Good win. Glad Bruce went with that lineup; we need to be more adventurous, and we only won because the players on pitch fought all the way to win. We learnt something from it, and got the 3 points to boot.

Positives: McGinn is a cracking signing. Grealish is still up for it. Barney provides life in midfield and never gives up. Nyland coped OK in his first match.

Negatives: Jedi is no good as a CB, and too slow for midfield. We're short up front; Kodjia is not a target man, and at the moment isn't up to his best.

Plenty to pick holes in if one wants to, but I'm pleased Bruce has shown he's prepared to use the squad in this way, and it will pay dividends in a long season.

McP please tell me where you get the 'rose tinted specs from' ??

If you think that this so called manager can get us promoted then you are living in cloud cuckoo land !

From what I saw of it there were very few positives ! - we have a good squad of players all we need is a manager who knows how to play them ! he seems incapable to be able to change with the times - er well it worked 6 years ago so why not now ???

never mind saying - like wow 2 games & 6 points !

I haven't seen either game and won't get to see one until the end of Sept, but from what I have read, in both games we have not played well. But in both games we have scored 3 times, come from behind and won.

I'm not getting into the manager discussion again as while we win he will keep his job, like it or not.

Sounds like McGinn looked good and he played Bjarnasson.

I am happy. Maybe if I have to watch them I might not be so happy, but I'll take winning every game and playing shite!

Please can someone tell me what happened to FFP?

It’s early days, I doubt the squad is finished yet and we have 6 points and 6 goals (none of them scored by an attacker) so it’s mostly positive. Yes there are lots of things to improve but the team spirit is clearly there and that is important. Is Bruce the right man? Who knows but, as long as we win, then he is.

Agreed Andy but it won't matter what we do as today's bum wipe have leeds as the next super club because they have won 2 games under a coach who is described like a god and Derby because he is a Lampard, London's finest.

Looks like the people in the old smoke have us playoff champs?

Sorry they love Stoke more than us.

Newspapers are shite

Loads of good comments of late ! -I must agree if Bruce is getting the results that matter ( but you must agree that these 2 opponents are among the weakest in the division) then he must be learning as well as not doing so bad ! - I am biting my tongue saying that !

Time will tell once we have the forwards up to scratch & match the goal scorers at present

then we might even be amongst the top 6 - not holding my breath tho !

Local Greek newspapers here suggest Bruce will be gone By Xmas - what would they know ?? - about as much as me ?



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