Here's an interesting debate about what is been discussed in the media etc.


In short, the Rooney Rule, used in the NFL, requires club owners to interview a candidate from a minority background. What do you think?


I don't personally see the point in this, if I'm honest. I doubt it will have any effect. Owners have quite clearly shown that success is what is important to them, regardless of whether the manager is British or foreign. I don't personally believe race comes into it.


The line people like Andy Cole/ Ian Wright seem to be using is that there's no point in them getting their respective coaching badges if they're not going to be offered the job. There was a spell in the PL where unqualified managers were been appointed (cough Gareth Southgate, Shearer) and it generally turned out to be disastrous for those clubs. Unless you're qualified though you won't be getting a job at a multi-million pound business.


I'm sure there are qualified people from minority groups and hopefully we'll see some coming through in years to come, and that it won't be down to something as trivial as this regulation.

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There's an incredibly lengthy rant/debate/argument on this on here somewhere, have a read it's got a lot of different viewpoints. Search rooney rule on here.



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