Should we join the sack race? Sunderland and Liverpool are the first two this season, so we can't even win that race.

Dan Bardell the Villa blogger thinks not, we should have patience and give the team time he says but on the other side of this coin is the fact that this is not something new to us Villa supporters. We have seen it since O'Neill wasted all our money and left Lerner with burnt fingers, as a result he have been reluctant to spend overmuch.

Lerner must be accountable for the managerial appointments in particular McLeish, how he thought that would work I really don't know and you have to have some sympathy with him for the position he was in.

Clearly in hindsight we kept Lambert far too long, things didn't improve at best we stagnated. Credit to him for turning up Benteke at least. That made us a few bob.

It is claimed that we are suffering because we lost the spine of our team, Vlaar, Delph and Benteke, well we did but you have to ask why, sure they were offered more money but part of it must surely have been they didn't think we were going anywhere.

So should we change the manager? He has no real experience, he claims to be working hard but so what, if it doesn't bring the results the answer is still a lemon. His selections are baffling, why did he sign Lescott? Why doesn't he give Kozak a game or two, why play wing backs against Stoke who didn't get out if our half in the first half. Why leave both of our creators on the bench?

You could go on depending on your point of view, Westwood, Gabby etc.

So should he go, for me yes we need a change now.

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J.D.H.S you must be a mind reader as the thought's you have put across above must surly be on every Villa fan's mind at the moment after Saturday's game against Stoke .

My personal view is we should stick with Sherwood for the moment possibly till mid/late November.

The reason for this is it will give the Highers and firer's at our Club time to sound out a replacement to step in straight away if needed and also it will give Tim one last shot to turn thing's around after his so called mini preseason given to him by the international break as he quoted he was going to make full use of .

What i would like to see from Tim from now on is show a good bit more faith in his team selection's and when thing's work stick with them also he is in charge of the full first team squad so he should make full use of this basically get back to basic's get the formation and the first team selection right before trying new idea's in a must win game only to change at halftime because it will not work his problem is with all the new player's to pick from he has been and still is spoilt for choice and i do believe he still is unsure on what his strongest team is and what formation to play them in to make best use of the skill's that are in our first team squad .

The problem is not going to go away he need's to start getting result's with his team's or he risk's losing the fan's and also the player's confidence and ultimately he could be sacked sooner rather than later .

The two sacking's already this season should be incentive enough as there are some good experienced manager's who are unemployed at the moment and could do a job good job for our club.



We don't do anything. Fox & Co do it. They must have a view on how things are going. I don't think the results themselves at the moment are a big deal; 4 points off the pack at this stage of the season is nothing. Question is whether Tim is on the verge of finding a team which can start pulling in the points, or is he floundering around trying anything? I don't know. But unlike previous years we now have a strong back room management team, with football experience. They probably have a pretty good idea. I hope so.

If they think Tim is in over his head, start sounding out other possibilities (they probably already have to cover themselves anyway), and if things don't change for the better pull the plug. But if they think he's on the right lines, wait and see.

The annoying thing is that, for a very new team, I thought we were doing reasonably well in earlier matches, playing some good football, in spite of the losses. I'm getting a bit worried that Tim is changing too much. The team against Stoke was a very funny setup. We have to be set up to score goals; otherwise we go down the Lambert route.

It all changed after the Leicester defeat. I think he lost his confidence as he realized he made mistakes. Had we got 3 points there, I think we would have kicked on. He needs to recoup and use these 2 weeks productively. Also give Kozak a go!

The Mail from its sister rag the Mirror suggest that Sherwood has two games to save his job.

He needs a win in the next two, Chelsea and Swansea or he's out.

Two games too many in my book.

What we need in the next two games are committed, competitive performances. Do that and we have something to build on; it also gives us a chance of getting something out of the game. Put in clueless performances then change can't come quick enough. 

I don't give a damn about the current position; it's a long way to the end of the season. I do care about seeing the players we've bought develop into a good team. I think we have the players to do it. The question is, do we have the manager? Tim has to show it if he's to stay.

Would Rodgers be a decent shout? More experienced than Sherwood. I hate all this chopping and changing of boss, but we are not yet improving.

I think Sherwood did a decent job of recruiting young talent and the potential is there. We are losing games by the odd goal, no one has smashed us......yet.

A very tough decision for the board, I think and I am torn. My heart says give Sherwood time, my head is wanting a change.

Chelsea this weekend, could we win?

Chelsea's defence is all over the place. I think we have the players to exploit that. Go on the attack and it's possible we could win. Sit back and make a few of our defensive blunders then we could get thrashed.

Rodgers might be OK. I'd prefer Laudrup. But both have the sort of approach which would suit the players we now have.

For me Tim has been found out.

You can point to us loosing Vlaar, Delph and Benteke as the reason however, Vlaar hardly played and it is not as if our defense was water tight with him in it, Delph shone because he is a good player in a shit team (not sure how we will replace all those goals he scored for us ^_^)  While Benteke bought in a shed load of cash for squad strengthening (so now we have a few strikers that we don't play to the strengths of, instead of just the one)  

Vlaar hasn't played at all this season, Delph also and Benteke is injured, so even if we had them, we would be worse off as we probably wouldn't have bought some of the new players and would have been missing the spine.

I think we just need one positive result and we might go on a little run.

Tim was always a risk. We all know that. I know most of us shuddered when he was appointed.

.Beat Chelsea and Swansea then risk it stick with Tim , If not, time to go! asap!

Papers are suggesting Rogers or Moyes. If they are willing to come, then I say go get em.

just the one of them

I would go for Moyes over Rogers all day long... Although part of me kind of wants Rowett.

Kind of feel for Tim a bit as I doubt he will get another chance to manage after cocking up at Villa



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