Hi guys!

Anyone going to Sunderland on saturday?

Im coming up from Leeds and wanted to know who else was going;) 

If any of you are on twitter, my name is Chrsmo.

Looking forward to three points!! 

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i'm not going but think it could be a fqascinating game... who will be in the middle without KEA? who will play up front?

Personally i'd like to see this:

Holman Herd Bannan Gabby
Bent Benteke

Best form of defence is attack!!

Totally agree about Herd! Really need to have him in the middle! Only guy in our team with some steal! 

Really hope to see Albrighton coming up to his previous level! Need to get some descent crosses in to Bent and Benteke!

Injuries all over the shop...

Think we could see Westwood or Johnson in the middle... and not before time either...

Isnt Johnson on loan? 

Albrighton is so far from the player who broke through under GH its untrue, i'd loan him out for a couple of months to get some sharpness back if I was PL

True! Just think he is the only player that can cross a ball in our team. And that is something we need!

Agreed... Apparently Carruthers is turning a few heads... maybe Lambert will see how Samir goes before letting Albrighton go.

Would really like to see Carruthers in the team! Think he has done nothing wrong each time I have seen him! Cant be worse then now anyway. 

Are you going to the match mate? 

I really want to see Carruthers given 90 mins

Herd went off injured against Swindon, so may not be available. I think you have to have Ireland in there. Johnson is out on loan for a month.

I think we can get something out of this match. Sunderland are possibly even worse than us at scoring; if we can score a couple I think they'll have problems matching that.

A big plus for me is Gabby and Benteke the more they play the better they are getting.

With KEA mising its really important Herd comes back from the knock he got yesterday he is a big strong lad hopefully he comes back quick.

Bennett will be back so i can see this being the team


Lichaj Lowton Vlaar Bennett

Herd (Hopefully)

Holaman Ireland Gabby


Sunderland are really poor at the moment if we can get a decent performance from the lads we cn get something.

That front 3 can cause problems and Ireland getting 2 assists yerstarday will give him belief.

Gabby running at any full back in the league can casue problems as long as we play at a high tempo there is no reason why we can get something.

i hope we have at least 11 players on the pitch Lambo!



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