Strong feelings can change.

You may love your significant other as much as you feel it is possible to do so yet if they declare they’re leaving you for the rich guy from work then those feelings change. They’re still strong but the fondness has turned to bitterness and trust to betrayal.

You feel you’ve been publicly embarrassed and mocked. You feel foolish for having ever felt what you did in the first place.

Of course, football is just a game but the emotions invested in clubs and players by supporters are still significant. Certain players make this connection even stronger.

Not just for their performances on the pitch but for what you feel to be a mutual understanding. You feel they feel some of what you do for the club, you feel they have fallen in love with the club.

This isn’t an accident, some players will nurture this and encourage it.

All over Merseyside and beyond, parents have been explaining to children that their favourite player is leaving. That the shirt they got for Christmas is now obsolete, that the six foot poster on their bedroom wall will have to come down, that they’ll have to pretend to be another player when playing football in the park.

And how they’ll have to change the dog’s name from Fernando.

No doubt they’ll have been tears and requests for explanations.

‘He said he felt like he was from Liverpool’

‘He said he wanted his children to be scousers’

‘He said Anfield was his home and the best place in England’

‘He said he was sure he’d be here for years’

And there can be no adequate explanation.

So, before everybody judges how some people are reacting perhaps it helps to remember that whilst football is just a sport, in reality it’s much more than that.

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OK, you're making me have a bit of a cry here. :,,,,(


It IS the kids I've been thinking about since Friday. Old lads like me have seen it all before, I'll get over it in time, no matter that I don't understand what happened, and probably never will.


But seeing another little kid crying over this one is just not fun. I'm sure there are plenty in Newcastle as well tonight, so I'll spare a thought for them as well.


Oh, and fellow Reds - please don't burn your shirts, it's just not on.

You can choose to believe all players talk bull and there's no point having a connection but that takes away from the game.


Will be interesting to see what he has to say.

It's more than just emotional investment - it costs me a fortune to take myself and my two boys along to St James' Park on a regular basis. Andy Carroll was supposed to be the Newcastle United number 9 for the next ten years or more, the replica shirts that I bought,(my lads have both got 'Carroll 9' shirts) will now be thrown away and I have two deeply upset little boys crying their eyes out - trying to understand why their 'hero' has just asked to go to Liverpool. I have explained that he wanted to get paid more and their upset turned to anger.


Torres/Carroll/Tevez/Rooney the name changes but the story remains very much the same.


Good riddance to one and all.

That's exactly it, GLIB, and really, it's just brutal for the supporters. None of us want to turn plastic, changing our allegiance depending on who's sitting on top of the table any given week (no offence there TCIR).


I know we can't go back to the old days, but I certainly wish all of this money was kept confidential, I just don't want to know anymore. And of course, the modern marketing makes the individuals such big stars that it's no wonder people want to buy into that. For me, it's more about the club. After all, just like Kenny, I don't believe anyone is bigger than the shirt.


Oh, apparently there is a bid in for N'Zogbia from NUFC now.

Carroll was forced to move, the transfer request was a sham too! Blame Ashley.
I read earlier about a Liverpool supporter who bought his son a Torres shirt for Christmas - his surname is Carroll!
It's all falling apart if we're so desperate that we need to be buying back Charles N'Zogbia - we did well to get rid of the 'incredible sulk' that is Charles "Insomnia" (Joe Kinnear - don't ask!)

I remember that. Joe Kinnear, LOL.


Wigan have turned it down, so you're safe from N'Zog.


Would you like N'Gog? <whistle>

Is this to be expected, accepted or tolerated?  the protracted part of the financial terms are over image rights, he wants to know exactly how much money he'll get by making lfc kids cry.


Turns out he is just as cynical as the idea of santa claus.

You know what? It's like he has an evil twin who has taken over his body for the last 3 days.


It goes so far against what we thought we knew of him, it's untrue. That in itself is going to make it a lot easier to see the back of him.

Last 3 days?  Makes you see the last 6 months in a whole new light......


You know what, the emotions in football are just like relationships! The love, hope, faith, trust, doubt, betrayal everything.


When we finally signed Suarez I was on Facebook like "right, that's it!", proceeded to write a monologue about media rubbish and how many times did Reina and Torres have to come out and declare allegiance?... then was swamped by other fans with the dreaded transfer request!


I'm hoping Reina doesn't do the same!  You think you have the bond and I have more faith in Reina, always have, but still... right now betrayal rears it's head and makes you wonder.

The Chelsea tv interview on sky now will be another kick in the teeth.



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