Firstly it is good to be back posting on here . I have been keeping up to speed with the articles on here over the past 6/7 months but have had little or no time to post one myself , But here i am with a few hours to spare this evening so i thought what the hell lets get back in to a good old habit .

This season i see as the one that Villa could well turn the corner finally and start seriously moving forward with purpose once more for me it will not be a over night light bulb moment with all sunshine and roses at day break but will involve hard work and commitment from players and staff alike both this season and moving into the next 2/3 seasons at least .

The main point i would stress is a good bit of the ground work has been done already but there are significant issues that need addressing if we are to move forward .

1/ Quite simply Vlaar must not be sold and every effort possible must be put in place to get him to commit long term to Villa . The game last weekend had many plus points for me the most surprising of these was the speed of which Vlaar and Sendeross have seemed to build up a good partnership that gives a solid look to our back line with them there add to this Okore as a option or competition and the center of defense is looking very solid this term as long as we can keep our captain .

2/ We as a Club must find a new owner A.S.A.P this situation we have at the moment were we have a owner who is openly touting his Club for sale as he wants out is no good for either of the parties lets hope as fans we can see closure on this one sooner rather than later and the new owner puts his full weight of support behind our management team with full support on and of the field .

3/  The last point i personally feel is crucial for progression of our Club moving forwards is the addition to our ranks of a very good quality creative midfield player preferably with premiership experience . This i know may not happen until a new owner is found and funds for this purchase are made available but to move forwards this is what is required .

The over view of Villa for me at this moment is still work in progress but at Saturdays game the work ethic of the players and the way that we protected our lead showed a steely determination from players that i for one have not seen for some time when watching Villa , Early days this season yes i will admit to that but could this be the Keane effect on player`s ? if so then he could prove to be very welcome addition to the Villa Management set up .

Here`s hoping for my three wishes to be granted .



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I think you've added a fourth already. Keane is what we needed in the backroom. We have to hope he stays for the longer term. I think he and Lambert are a good partnership. Keane is left to do the job he obviously loves doing and Lambert is happy to take the pressure.

You're spot on with (1). Vlaar staying would be huge. Hope he's offered a big enough contract to convince him of that.

(2) I'm not too worried about in the short term. We need it for the longer term. Things looked desperate at the start of summer but I think we've got something already which will make sure we survive and even have a good season. But to keep our best players and attract good ones we need the boost of a new owner, and we can't leave it for too long. Our ambition ought to be knocking on the door of the top seven, or better; at the moment top half would be good.

(3) We need something. We could be worse but we need more bite up front, the ability to open up other defences and not only by counter attacking. Not sure I'd put it down as something specific like a creative midfielder; Chelsea got rid of theirs and it didn't do them any harm.

We also need our fans not to get to carried away after one game,remember last seasons start.
Our fans need to take a step back and stop being so negative at villa park,god help us if we lose on Saturday,it's back to doom and gloom and instant return of negative vibes?
Most older fans can see and understand what's going on behind closed doors.its the new younger playstation fans who expect it now and no buts.
Mid table , being comfortable and not involved in a relagation scrap will be progress for me and I'm sure many.
After four years of stale relagation battles we need to start moving up in all areas but as you say,over time ,not in one hit.
All clubs are full of fickle fans but ours seem to so much louder than most,well that's how it feels.
I feel we are so much better than last season,the confidence seems level and good with all party's,and a win on sat will be great but a loss against a team with on paper a more expensive quality squad will not be the end of the world to me but will no doubt bring out the doomers.
As Mcparland wrote,up until last feb,before the injuries to big players,we were looking good and comfortable,but the negative vibes were deafening.
Fans need to play there part is my point and expectations need to be realistic.

As you stress the acid test will be after a defeat and observe the fan`s reaction to that.

This will be a long haul with up`s and down`s but if the work ethic shown at Stoke continue`s then we should see a significant gain in point`s from game`s won instead of drawn and game`s drawn instead of losses as has been the case in recent time`s when we have not shut the game down with 15/20 minutes to play and as you rightly say let`s hope fan`s keep there expectation`s realistic .



I agree it will be interesting to see how everyone reacts to a result against a good Newcastle side, I watched their game and although they lost they played well and have clever feet.

What is most interesting is how the players minds are set playing at home, where our record of recent years has been utter rubbish. That in spite of the fact that mostly they have had the fans full support even when losing.

Once we get back to a mindset of fortress Villa Park we will be set in every other respect.

Onwards and upwards

Yep the home form has to improve that will give the whole club a lift.

Also last season we had some bad luck with injuries how many clubs apart form the top 4 could cope with the injuries we had to key players the likes of Vlaar, Okore Benteke and Kozak that is a massive chunk of quality from our squad.

If we get some luck with injuries we will be fine.

A good cup run will be a good.

John arne riise says we are one of the clubs after him if we can get him on decent wages I think it could be another solid move for the defence, and if that means no more Bennett well that is another bonus.

The problem with our home form last year was we tried to catch teams on the break - as per our away form/tactics- and it just didn't work as most teams outside the top 4 or 5 sat back and expected us to attack them- so it all got very negative. We must adapt our style if play at home, be more positive and take the game to the opposition - hopefully this is where our 'flair' players like N'Zogbia and the Cockney Messi will step up. I also think our lack of confidence at home last season didn't help and contributed to our negative play and this is where the fans at home can play a big part supporting the team - even when things go against us.

Good post Rizla.


Your points are valid too and Vlaar along with Benteke to me are key to a decent season with what else has happened.

The bells are ringing forum seems to be buzzing that possibly a takeover has already been agreed. Lets see.


I doubt if it would happen but a clear answer to me would be to get Milner back on loan?

Newcastle looked very dangerous Sunday and we'll see how well the back four do.

One thing is on paper we are stronger at the moment and lets hope that transmits into a more enjoyable season.



Think Vlaar is gone though to be honest. So don't know where that will leave us.
I am optimistic about Vlaar staying simply because of the delight on his face after the final whistle at Stoke when he hugged Senderos. I don't recall him hugging Clark or baker or being delighted like that, perhaps because we didn't win often.

Big fish small pools and all of that.

ah yeah, that is all well and good, but then imagine that the manager of the club that you essentially grew at as a footballer - the manager that i am sure taught you a few things about the game (maybe not taking penalties mind!) - indeed the same manager that is one the great defenders your nation has ever had, comes to the premier league and says

"Ron, i am so glad that i here at Southampton. Why dont you come here and let me build a defence around you. Oh, i will offer you more money that that other side, and you will also be my captain and leader."

Well, personally, i would be thinking very hard about that.

Not to mention that Southampton is probably a nicer place to live than Birmingham as well. 

Not so sure. Maybe Ron's moved on. Villa has tested him as a player but he's also grown as a player. I think he's got a lot of personal capital invested in the club.

Doesn't necessarily mean he'll stay. Footballers have short careers and understandably want to make the most of it. If Van Gaal came calling it would be difficult to resist. But I don't think Van Gaal will. Southampton isn't the same sort of thing. The fact that we've strengthened the defence so that he can really show what he's capable of will be a plus factor in staying.

I think he's waiting until he knows in his own mind what the issues are. I think he'll then look at what Villa are offering. And take it from there. He won't be rushed.

There is of course the factor that there's only 10 days to go to the end of the window, and even if Southampton came calling I think Lambert might well just say no.



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