Thought I'd be the first to post on the liverpool board so here goes. Like many other Liverpool fans I've been taking an interest in who we are interested in during this January transfer window and even though there is only 5 days left of the window I am remaining optimistic that we can sign both Suarez and Charlie Adam, obviously people are worrying because of the whole situation with Ajax and Blackpool but that's how negotiations are and to be honest I prefer our approach rather than placing all our cards on the table and just throwing money around, I was surprised when I heard we had only offered 12.5 million for Suarez but that can be negotiated and I think we'll get him for between 18 to 20 million and also Charlie Adam for around 8 to 10 million, both of these players would really bolster our team and give Kenny more to play about with, I've heard people critisize FSG and that's ridicoulous some have even gone on to say that they are H&G all over again, these guys so far have been impressive in the way they go about things and haven't made any false promises unlike H&G.


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Yep. I really rate Adam, and hope we don't get all squeamish just becuase they want an extra few million. As for Suaraez, they will certainly push for the highest fee possible, but it would be great to pick up a goal-scorer of his quality.


At the end of the day, I just want it to go back to the days when we heard about the deal when it's completed. I know that's highly unlikely with the 24-hour news cycle, but even so...


I was pleaesd that Kenny didn't get drawn into the Babel thing either. Players are our players until they leave, and they are someone else's players until they arrive.



Yeah Adam will provide some steel in midfield plus he can score goals and technically is sound, he was brilliant against Utd last night and would be a great addition. People always bring up the fact that Suarez has scored loads of goals because he play's in the dutch league but his goals to game ratio has been brilliant wherever he's been and he doses the buisness for Uruguay as well.

Glad that Kenny is in charge, it seem's like he's trying to instill the liverpool way like it was before with Shanks, Paisley and Himself, hopefully we can play some more attacking football tonight against fulham and get the three points.

A win is a must tonight. Fulham don't tend to be good when they come to Anfield, so let's hope that doesn't change! I think the key is to get a couple of quick goals, that should depress them. I've not really watched them since Hughes took over, but looking at their record they seem to have a lot of draws...which scares me.

The signs are encouraging so far, we played some good stuff against wolves and actually looked confident on the ball not like in previous weeks where the players seemed terrified every time they had possession and resorted to hoofing the ball to Torres, I fancy us doing the business tonight like I think we'll win 2 or 3 nil just hope that dosen't come back to bite me. Under Hughes they are still an organized outfit but like you said they are draw specialists and there record ain't that good at anfield plus with stevie back as well I think we'll have to much for them.

I was cynical about Adam but he impressed against us last night.  Could do with some fitness work.
thecityisred I think he's a class act to be honest, he'd be a step up for us compared to poulsen and I dare say it Lucas who I feel has come on leaps and bounds the past 2 seasons.
Yes, I think Adam has the goods to be a very good player, espeically if he goes somewhere where he's surrounded by other good players. I've seen a number of Blackpool matches on the interweb and he's looking more and more like the real deal every time.
I'm surprised no-one has put a bid in for Arda Turan, the guy is quality scores a fair few and has a shedload of assists, he captains galatasaray and is only 22. He would give us some much needed width and creativity on the wing, he even wants to come to liverpool and has said on a few occasions that the only team he would like to play for apart from galatasaray is us.
I've heard his name bandied about ever since the summer - maybe Kyrgy vetoed it? (Joke)

My ideal scenario would be as follows:


January: Sign Suarez and Adam mabye a winger (N'zogbia is a cheap option) This would be a statement of intent


Summer: Sign a left-back and get rid of the deadwood in the squad, oh and give Kenny the job permanently


I too pine for the old days when we only heard something when the deal was done. The transfer window speculation gets on my nerves more each day. I don't actually care if we don't sign anyone until the summer. Kenny seems to be getting the best from players who have been less than productive which all bodes well for him to be the permanent man at the helm and listened to when he says he wants sign someone.

It's not the same now is it mrschalky hopefully Kenny can restore those days where everything was done behind closed doors and not played out through the media, it's great to see him give youth a chance as well promoting suso and connor cody (I think he's called that) to Melwood, the players just seem a lot happier now than under the days of hodgson and it's nice to be able to look forward to games now as well it was getting really bad under roy.



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