The Brentford result has left all fan's feeling downbeat about our form and performances under Bruce .

The call's to sack him and get another replacement in are already been voiced by fan's with to some extent good reason .

The question that would raise it's head is who will replace him ? .

This problem with manager's performance once they are appointed Villa manager is now the norm you have to look as far back O'Niel's time as Villa's manager before you get a manager who has with some consistency performed well for any length of time for more than one season .

The problem now seem's to be that we recruit manager's with a half decent c.v managing other Club's only to see them fail to get a consistent run of good result's going for more than half a season .

Trying to sort this problem out seem's to be impossible at the moment we have had season after season relegation dog fight's in the Prem followed by a Manager lasting less than half a season again last season being replaced by a manager who look's to be going down the same road as all his predecessor's .

There are a couple of option's open to the Club now both are risky one is more risky than the other the first is for the Club to get in another Manager with a half decent cv and hope he can get it right this time .

The problem with that is who that may well be and who looking at the previous manager's who have failed here would come and risk there reputation i am sure that someone would be up for that challenge .

The second and more risky option is to go for a foreign manager who has no experience managing in the UK but he would not have been brainwashed into the expected UK style of play and would come here with fresh idea's of how to set a team up what tactic's to use and most importantly how to get the talented squad we have here playing to it's full potential and getting Villa moving in the right direction instead of treading water or worse as we are and have for year's .

The second option is a big risk but it may well come of and we would see happy time's back at Villa Park .

This cannot work some may say ? .

Take a long hard look at Huddersfield Town and what they achieved under David Wagner a relatively unknown continental coach who has turned Huddersfield from a mediocre Championship Club to a Premiership Club in a short period of time without the fund's Villa have invested in player's recently .

I would if it was my choice bight the bullet and go for the foreign boss .




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We shouldn't be afraid of change. Doug wasn't! Get a new manager, support him for the first year, then starve him of funds, replace after 3! It worked, up to a point.

Fact. The club has invested in players with good reputations and who ought to form the basis of a strong Championship squad with useful depth. I except Bruce's signings of old pals this summer, which has left us rather unbalanced. It's ideal territory for a decent manager to come in and make something of it. There isn't massive rebuilding to do; the team is underperforming not failing.

Round and Wyness seem clear on the direction the club should be going in. To some extent Bruce didn't fit; he was brought in with a reputation for promotions to get us up, pure and simple. This time they need somebody who fits in with their ideas, who can work with the new structure, and who can get the best out of the players we've got.

Not every potential manager will be suitable. But there will be suitable managers out there.

I'd go along with young, enthusiastic, able to inspire the team, modern ideas. Could well be continental. So long as they buy into the club and what we've got here.

Candidates? Well de Boer is now available. Could he fit in with the club? Don't know; that's the sort of question which will be asked.

Suspect Moyes will be considered. He's better than his recent record suggests, and he's worked with Wyness and Round before, so they'd know what they were getting (and possibly what they wouldn't). Streets ahead of Bruce. Wouldn't be at the top of my list; any appointment is chancy and I'd like to see the club be adventurous. But if they went for him I'd give him time. Have a gut feeling that he wouldn't be the fit they were looking for though.

There is another option, stick with Bruce and give a manager time to change things.

It is not what I want now, but let's just say, however unlikely it might be, that we stuff Boro 3-0 with attacking football. Suddenly, some of us fickle fans will be supporting him again.

I think his time is up and the Doc knows it. But at some point we need to break this cycle of changing managers every 5 minutes. At some point we need stability, so who will it be??

I know this post is confused, but that is how I feel, we need stability, but it looks like Bruce is not the one to succeed.

Agree with the stability point Bosco but as you point out fan's want thing's to change over night .

Bruce if he stay's in charge must at least have Villa where we ended up in the league last season or significantly better come season's end .

The Dr will need to see improvement in return for his investment for player's at season's end if we are still in a position of treading water then Bruce must go and a new manager fetched in .

The summer gives plenty of time to change but this 2/3 month cycle of new managers has to stop .

I still feel Bruce is not the one but let's see how it pan's out and hope .



Just as a slight aside I think that Bruce was given too much money this year, if he had to manage properly we wouldn't have signed the ex Hull players and finished up with 3 right wingers. We had a perfectly good right winger in Adomah who can't get a game. Ridiculous!

We have had enough British managers let's go for a young foreigner and play attacking football, I almost forgotten what that was like.

Risky but this option has my vote J.D.H.S .



Reckon the club did make it plain to him that after his spend in January (which was intended to get this summer's signings in early) he was going to get very little extra this summer. Unfortunately he got around it with loans, and also unfortunately his past buddies were available. Think Terry will prove to be a good move (possibly under a different manager) but at most one more right winger would have been enough; we could have done with strengthening the left.

Of things in general, think changing managers is better than tolerating failure. We have a good squad; we really have to expect that it will produce promotion or pretty close.

Something to cheer you up. U23s beating Southampton 4-0 at the moment. Cox x 2, Corey-Taylor, O'Hare.

That's more like it!

I think what worries me is that we have tried both those options and they failed. Experienced managers like Bruce and McLeish doesn't/didn't work - and when we tried the young/ foreign approach i.e. Garde/RDM/Lambert/Sherwood, that didn't work. We just seem to ship someone in, throw some money at them and expect results pretty quickly- and then we sack them. What manager was last at out club for 2 or 3 seasons on the trot? Probably MON and that's when we had some consistency on the pitch.

I don't think Bruce is the right man - but I don't know who is- and looking at the last 4 or 5 managers, maybe we stick with what we have this season and see how things work out.

We have picked a strong team tonight!

Let's hope we plan to ATTACK!!!!



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